`` Marugame Shake Udon '' for take-out that can be eaten refreshingly by shaking ingredients and udon All 5 types of tasting review

From Marugame Seimen, a new product `` Marugame Shake Udon '' titled `` New take-out experience '' appeared on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. There is one udon ball, ingredients, and soup in a vertically long container, and it is certainly a type of product that has never been seen before as udon, so I bought it and tried it.

Marugame Shake Udon | Marugame Seimen


Arrived at Marugame noodles.

What to buy is this, 'Marugame Shake Udon'.

I bought all 5 types. Of the 5 types lined up, it is not an illusion that the two on the left and right are large, but the container sizes are really different.

This is 'Menta Toro Udon'.

Make sure the lid is tightly closed, press the lid firmly and shake it to eat.

It looks like this before shaking.

Shake vigorously. In the illustration of the container, I was holding the lid with both hands from the top of the container, but when I shake it, the udon inside moves a lot and it takes more force than I thought, so I put the lid on with one hand and the container with the other. I think it's safer to hold down the bottom of the .

It looks like this after shaking. When you eat it, the mentaiko is scattered all over, and the tangy taste of mentaiko is added here and there to the slimy tororo udon, giving it a light and refreshing taste. It goes well with cold bukkake udon.

This is 'Ume Oroshi Udon'. Contains plum and grated radish.

As you can see from the combination, the refreshing taste of grated daikon radish and the sourness of plums make this cold udon perfect for the hot season. If you don't mix the plums well, some parts will harden, so it's better to check if the ingredients are properly mixed during the shake.

Tantan meat miso is hidden in chopped seaweed, but this is 'spicy spicy udon'.

It is characterized by a spicy spiciness, and it feels like a classic taste.

'Sesame salad udon' in a large container.

A salad leaf was served on top of the udon, and even when shaken, the udon did not come out on top. The combination of sesame sauce and vegetables is very simple, giving the impression of a udon version of chilled Chinese noodles.

The last is 'Spicy Dandan Salad Udon'.

Whether the amount of miso meat miso is more than 'spicy spicy udon noodles', or whether the taste of miso is complemented by the addition of salad leaves, the miso taste is dark and the udon goes smoothly.

In addition, each udon is Marugame Seimen's 'Normal' (1 ball), and since it is the same udon as eat-in, one is long and the soup stock is entangled firmly, but if you do not cut it, the noodles will continue. The size of the cup is just right to fit in the drink holder, but it is dangerous to eat like ``waiting for a traffic light for a little sip''.

The prices are 390 yen including tax for Menta Toro Udon and Ume Oroshi Udon, 490 yen including tax for Spicy Tantan Udon, 590 yen including tax for Sesame Salad Udon, and 740 yen including tax for Spicy Tantan Salad Udon. is.

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