Open source citizen science project 'Sky360' for monitoring UFO / UAP 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Regarding unidentified flying objects ( UFOs) and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), which are unknown in the first place, the government's official explanation is unclear. was established.


UFO Hunters Built an Open-Source AI System To Scan The Skies

Citizen-led UFO/UAP research is not new. For example, MUFON, a non-profit organization that studies UFO eyewitness testimony, was established in 1969.

Sky360 believes that the level of interest and advances in technology have reached a tipping point, allowing citizen researchers to generate actionable data at scale for analysis themselves.

Sky360 co-chair Richard G. Hopp said, “The data on UFOs and UAPs comes from sensors for military applications. We will not provide the data,' he said, saying that he distrusts the government's management of UAP eyewitness testimony, so it is necessary to think about collecting and managing data on their own.

The 'Sky360 Station' used for UAP monitoring in Sky360 consists of 'AllSkyCam' equipped with a wide-angle fisheye lens and a pan tilt focus camera. AllSkyCam records all movements, and when software analysis determines that some event has occurred, the pan tilt focus camera tracks the object and performs further analysis.

Sky360 UAP Tracking Project v1promo-YouTube

The video actually taken at the Sky360 station has been released. Below is a video of a falling object taken in Alaska on April 14, 2021. Although its identity has not been confirmed, it is believed to be a huge balloon or something.

Unknown object falling from the sky above Alaska 2021-04-14 - YouTube

Also, UAP was filmed on May 27, 2020 over Houston.

Unknown object #2 above Houston 2020-05-27 - YouTube

A small ball of light appears from the west.

Before long, it slowly moves toward the center of the screen while blinking.

When I thought that it stopped for a while, I started moving to the lower left direction of the screen.

And here it turned around without stopping, swayed left and right a little, and slowly disappeared to the upper left side of the screen.

Sky360 hopes to release the first developer build of the software in June 2023.

Sky360 GitHub

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