Department of Defense UFO investigation authority announces ``No evidence of the existence of aliens has yet been found''

The All Area Anomaly Operations Office (AARO) within the U.S. Department of Defense has released a 63-page PDF file related to 'Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (UAP),' confirming that UAP sightings are the technology of extraterrestrial life forms. It has been revealed that there is no confirmed evidence.

Unclassified Final DSD AARO Historical Report - AARO_Historical_Record_Report_Volume_1_2024.pdf
(PDF file)

AARO found that there is no evidence in any U.S. government investigation, academic sponsored study, or public review committee to confirm that UAP sightings are extraterrestrial technology. announced.

According to AARO, investigative efforts across all agencies conclude that most sightings are of 'normal' objects or phenomena and are the result of misidentification. Although many UAP reports remain unresolved or unconfirmed, if more and better data are available, it is possible that the majority of these cases will also be identified and resolved as ordinary objects or phenomena. AARO evaluates it as having a high level of functionality.

The report also mentions the `` Roswell Incident, '' which is rumored to be an example of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. According to AARO, as stated in the U.S. Air Force's 1997 Roswell Report: Case Closed, the debris recovered near Roswell is related to the Army Air Corps' balloon- borne program, and is believed to have been carried out in the desert. The reported alien corpse is said to have been a test dummy carried by a balloon. It is also believed that the information that alien bodies were brought to the Roswell Army Airfield hospital is likely to be confused with the 1956 KC-97 plane crash that killed 11 Air Force members. is.

Even among the sightings that have been reported, sensor and visual observations are incomplete, and in most cases there is no actionable data, or the data available is limited or of poor quality. Additionally, there are rumors that the U.S. government and private companies are reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology, but AARO has found no empirical evidence to support this claim. It was concluded.

AARO conducted interviews regarding claims regarding specific individuals, known locations, technology tests, and documents allegedly involved in reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology. Despite their success in locating government and industry programs, officials, companies, executives, and documents, many of the people interviewed believed that 'genuine, secret government programs that actually exist' were 'alien or terrestrial.' It has been revealed that they had misunderstood that it was related to the activities of extraterrestrial life forms.

Claims that the U.S. government has recovered and hidden spacecraft date back to 1940, a time when the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Applications Program and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Program were launched and rapidly evolving. It was also a time of a confluence of factors, including a hostile national security environment, intense secrecy, growing public interest in UAPs, bureaucratic barriers, and a lack of quality data.

Additionally, there has been an increase in popular culture content related to UAPs, the perception among some that governments are hiding extraterrestrial technology, the unauthorized disclosure of secret programs mistaken for UAP observations, and the unauthorized disclosure of unrelated programs. The rapid increase in online information sources that promote the belief that it is a UAP is also considered to be a contributing factor to the increase in UAP sightings.

In particular, AARO has evaluated sightings since the 1940s as ``misidentifications of experimental and operational sightings of never-before-seen space, rocket, and aviation systems, including stealth technology and aviation systems.'' did. Many of these technologies match the characteristics of stereotypical unidentified flying objects (UFOs), so it's no wonder observers unfamiliar with these space programs mistake the new technologies for UAPs. That's what he said. In addition, the Manhattan Project, which began in 1942, was carried out in secret, and 'secret cities' were established throughout the United States to support nuclear development, which caused citizens to suspect secrecy. It seems that this may have caused a misunderstanding about unrelated plans.

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