A photo of the `` oil platform '' towering over the sea with its unique beauty has become a hot topic

An oil platform is an offshore structure installed to extract oil and natural gas from the seabed, and there are those that are connected to the seabed and made into artificial islands and those that are floating. Federico Italiano , a translator and poet from Italy, posted several photos of ``an unintentionally dystopian oil platform with dystopian beauty'' on Twitter, attracting attention from many people.

The first photo posted by Mr. Italiano is an oil platform made in the Brage oil field in the North Sea , located 120 km northeast of the city of Bergen in western Norway. The combination of raging seas and towering megastructures creates a unique beauty.

Next is the Alpha Platform of the Cormorant oil field , located 161 km northeast of Lerwick , the only town in the Shetland Islands in Scotland. Exposed pipes and stairs are stretched around the uneven outer wall, making it look like the inside of a giant creature.

A photo of an oil platform in the Elgin–Franklin field in the central North Sea. The upper part is hidden in fog, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

The Troll A oil platform off the west coast of Norway reaches a total height of 472 m and is the world's largest ``structure that was transported to the site after being made in another location''.

The Draugen oil platform off the coast of Norway has a structure that supports a ship-like platform with a single pillar, and it makes me uneasy that ``Is it going to lose its balance and fall down?''

It is a picture taken from the land of the oil platform 'Harry' off the coast of Santa Barbara , California, USA.

Known as the world's largest offshore oil field, the Goliat Oil Field oil platform looks orange and stubby.

The Hibernia oil field , located in the Atlantic Ocean east of Newfoundland , Canada, looks like twin towers rising above the sea.

The Berkut platform, built off the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia, is the world's largest oil and gas platform designed to operate in harsh subarctic conditions.

This is a picture of an oil drilling site at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, USA.

The oil platform of the Hydran oil field off the coast of Norway is supported by four thick pillars and keeps its appearance on the sea.

This is a picture of the oil and gas platform of the Alwyn North oil field located 160 km east of the Shetland Islands and the connecting bridge of the accommodation facility. People live and live on oil platforms far from land.

A photo of the West Alpha oil rig and supply vessel against the backdrop of the rough waters of the North Sea.

The last picture was taken of the oil platform Brent Bravo, which was operated in the Brent oil field in the North Sea, retired and taken to the port.

Many of the photos posted by Italiano this time were taken by photographer Anna Henry. You can see more photos of the oil and gas platform on Henry's website.

Oil & Gas Photography | Anna Henry Photography

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