I tried the ``USB streaming'' function that allows you to connect Sony's movie camera ``VLOGCAM ZV-E1'' to a PC with a single cable and perform live distribution & video conferencing instead of a webcam Review

With the epidemic of the new Corona, video conferencing and live distribution are rapidly spreading, and there are many people who want to prepare a higher image quality distribution environment.

The VLOGCAM ZV-E1 , a video-specific mirrorless camera with a full-size sensor released by Sony in April 2023, has a USB streaming function that can be used as a webcam for video conferencing applications and distribution applications simply by connecting it to a PC via USB. It's loaded with features. I was wondering how high-quality live distribution would be possible by using the overwhelming shooting ability of the full-size sensor, so I actually tried it.

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ZV-E1 | Help Guide | USB Streaming (Video)

When trying to connect a general mirrorless camera to a PC and use it as a webcam, it is necessary to install special software such as ' Imaging Edge Webcam ' published by each camera manufacturer on the PC. On the other hand, VLOGCAM ZV-E1 can be used as a webcam without special software.

The procedure for using VLOGCAM ZV-E1 as a web camera is as follows. First, prepare VLOGCAM ZV-E1, PC, and USB Type-C cable. If you want to use VLOGCAM ZV-E1 as a 4K or 1080p webcam, you need a PC and a USB cable that support SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB3.2), so this time the PC is ' VAIO SX12 ' and the cable is SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB3.2). I used a Thunderbolt 4 standard ' Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable (1.8m) ' that includes .2).

After preparing the necessary items, turn on the power of VLOGCAM ZV-E1.

Next, connect VLOGCAM ZV-E1 and PC with a USB cable.

When connecting to a PC via USB, the following screen will be displayed on VLOGCAM ZV-E1, so select 'Live Streaming (USB Streaming)'.

Then select 'OK'.

When 'USB Streaming: Standby' is displayed, the settings on the VLOGCAM ZV-E1 side are complete.

Next, open the video conferencing app or streaming app on the PC side and set the camera input. The setting procedure for '

Google Meet ' is as follows. First, click the menu button at the bottom of the screen, then click Settings.

When the setting screen opens, select 'Video' and select 'ZV-E1' from the camera list.

After selecting the camera, press the × button to close the setting screen.

Now you can transfer the video of VLOGCAM ZV-E1 to PC in real time.

By attaching a tripod grip '

GP-VPT2BT ' to VLOGCAM ZV-E1, you can make it suitable for selfies.

The following captures the scene using VLOGCAM ZV-E1 as a webcam. I was able to blur the background naturally while projecting the horse's fur in detail.

Also, since you can change the 'aperture value', 'shutter speed' and 'ISO' while using it as a webcam, you can perform operations such as 'change the aperture value and adjust the degree of blurring during live distribution'.

However, after using it as a webcam for a few minutes in a room with a room temperature of 22 degrees, the video suddenly cut off. You can check the moment when the video is interrupted from around

2 minutes and 20 seconds in the following movie.

Sony's camera ``VLOGCAM ZV-E1'' turned into a webcam with ``USB streaming'' but thermal runaway in a few minutes-YouTube

Is it incompatible with the connected notebook PC 'VAIO SX12'? Thinking that, I tried connecting to the desktop PC of the editorial department, but the result of thermal runaway in a few minutes did not change. Immediately after the video was interrupted, the camera screen displayed ``Cannot be used for a while'' and ``Please wait until the camera cools down''.

When VLOGCAM ZV-E1 is connected to a PC via USB, power supply starts automatically from the PC, so I switched the power supply to OFF from the settings and tried using it as a webcam again, but it was also forcibly terminated in a few minutes. .

The results of measuring the temperature of each part when the forced termination was activated by infrared thermography are as follows. The front of the camera has a mount part of 40.2 degrees.

The back of the main unit had risen to 41.4 degrees.

By the way, the output resolution from VLOGCAM ZV-E1

can be selected from '4K / 30fps', '4K / 15fps', '1080p / 60fps', '1080p / 30fps', '720p / 30fps'. I was trying output.

If you want to check what fps is currently being output, you can display the output fps on the screen by pressing the 'DISP' button.

The problem of 'thermal runaway in a few minutes when using the' USB streaming 'function' has been reported to Sony. I will update when I get a response from Sony. In addition, VLOGCAM ZV-E1 also has an HDMI output function, so if you are in trouble with thermal runaway, you can capture the HDMI output and use it as a webcam like ' ATEM Mini Pro ' equipped with a driver. If you combine it with a suitable device, it will be fine.

ZV-E1 | Help Guide | HDMI Output Settings (Video)

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