``Japanese anime ending-like movie'' made by American YouTuber is a hot topic

Japanese anime has many fans not only in Japan but all over the world. Mr.

MemeZee , a creator living in the United States who has released many movies with net memes, has released a `` movie that looks like the ending of Japanese animation '' and is attracting attention.

Every Anime Ending-YouTube

Bust-up of a mysterious man overlapping the moon that men look up at

The man facing the front with the ruins on his back is Patrick Bateman (act:

Christian Bale ), the main character of the movie `` American Psycho ''. The place where the staff names of 'planning' are lined up may certainly be like the ending of animation.

The sexy man who appears on the screen is bodybuilder

Mike O'Hearn .

And with the bloody Bateman in the background, something like the name of the cast is displayed.

Drake, who is wrapped in a mysterious aura and creates a black curtain-like atmosphere, and the name of music, music producer, music production, and music director. Is 'Yamete Kodasai' a pen name or a studio name?

With the moon in the background again, the composition of the anime's key people facing each other.

The title logo displayed at the end of the game is designed in the style of '

NARUTO, ' which is extremely popular overseas.

And finally, the logos of TV Tokyo and Studio Pierrot, who produced 'NARUTO', are displayed as production.

Mr. MemeZee's movie is composed of images of anime from the 1990s and 2000s, including 'NARUTO', so if you are imagining recent animation, the impression 'Isn't it completely different?' I might hold

On YouTube, 'As an anime fan, I've never seen such a great ending', 'I can confidently say that this is the ending of all anime', 'This is a hyper-realistic anime', and 'I'm Japanese. There were comments such as 'You captured the characteristics accurately. It's frustrating, but it's the best. I laughed a lot.'

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