If the hero of The Simpsons were really

If the hero Homer of the American national animation "The Simpsons" is actually, it is surely a movie that it will be such a face of such feeling. The face of a real person gradually deforms into a face like Homer by CG, and the last is terrible. It makes me realize the difficulty of making animation as it is.

In addition, there is also a movie that made the name scene of popular animation "South Park" in the United States real life.

Details are as follows.
The movie is from the following. The original face is normal, but ....

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A movie that I tried to recreate the opening of The Simpsons with live action. Everyone's face is normal here.

YouTube - Real Life Simpsons Intro

This is the name scene of South Park. I do not feel like being alone.

YouTube - the real southpark

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