[Free manga] 'It's a gas shop!' Episode 1 'I'm Kayo Kiyu, a newcomer to the gas shop!'

◆ Synopsis
Kiyu Kayo, a new graduate who joined Hoshimi Life Equipment Co., Ltd., which handles gas, is a newcomer who does not know right or left yet, but is working on a new job. . A year-long story in which Kiyu encounters various challenges in an unfamiliar job as a gas station.

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At the gas shop! ! Episode 1: I'm Kasekiyu, a newcomer to the gas store!

◆ Author profile
every day (every day)

Kiyu, who is studying for a job at a gas company, accompanies a senior to a customer's house.

The father who welcomed me warmly seemed to be a little dissatisfied with the contents of the estimate.

Kiyu has just joined the company and is still in sales with a beginner mark.

Home visits for business people are still difficult to get used to.

In contrast to the flustered Kiyu, the veteran Iga-senpai has a calm demeanor.

The sales this time is about a contract to 'replace an old gas water heater with the latest one.'

Kyu is still studying. Still, I will make full use of the knowledge I just learned and work hard to work. I would appreciate it if you could watch over Kiyu's efforts, failures, and growth for a year.

Will Kiyu succeed in getting his first contract? You can read the continuation from the following. Please check it out!


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