[Free Manga] 'It's a gas shop!!' Episode 4 'Between business and humanity' Even though it's gas for living, it can't be used for free...!

◆ Synopsis
Kiyu Kayo, a new graduate, joins a small gas company with four employees. As she heads straight into an unfamiliar job, Kiyu gains a small but significant experience as a member of society. A job that handles gas, which is a lifeline. We want to do whatever we can for our customers. However, the gas company is just a business...!

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At the gas shop! ! Episode 4 'Between Business and Humanity'

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◆ Author profile
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◆ Episode 4 is such a story
Kiyu, a first-year gas dealer, experienced great success as a rookie, followed by great failure as a rookie. Kyu was depressed because of her straightforward personality, but she made an important discovery by coming into contact with a new job. Such a change is short-lived, but trouble comes to the Hoshimi living facility where Kiyu belongs, 'a resident ran away at night.'

Gas can only be used while paying for gas. If the residents run away, you have to stop using the gas.

Turn off the main gas valve and turn off the gas meter. The case of 'running away at night' is rare, but shutting off the gas is a task that Kyu will repeat over and over as a gas supplier.

Kiyu, who feels somewhat blue, happens to find a familiar figure.

Kiyu's boss, Iga-senpai, happened to be visiting the same apartment as Kiyu. The house that Iga-senpai was visiting was almost unable to use the gas due to the delay in paying the gas bill. If you stop paying gas bills for two months and restart it, you will have to pay a separate opening fee in addition to the delinquent amount. What kind of changes did Kiyu experience as a matter of course, as a business? And what is the “own idea” that Kiyu found to work on?

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