[Free Manga] 'Gas Shop!!' Episode 8 'Queen of the Gas Shop!' The rival at the gas exhibition is... the young lady who won last year! ?

Kiyu Kase, a new graduate, joins a small gas company with four employees. It's already been three months since Kiyu started working brightly and straight for an unfamiliar job, and in his first year as a ``gas shop'', Kiyu's first big job in the fall was the ``Gas Exhibition'', a large-scale event where local gas shops gather. In charge of planning. Last year's 'Triple Crown Queen' appeared before Kiyu, who was struggling with strategies to attract customers and increase sales...!

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It's a gas shop! ! Episode 8 “Queen of the gas store!”

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◆Author profile
Every day (every day)

◆Episode 8 is like this
It has been several months since I was assigned to plan the gas exhibition. There are only two months left until the gas exhibition. Kiyu was still worried.

We want the customers we meet on a regular basis to become interested in the gas exhibition and to visit it. How can we make this happen? The president calls out to Kiyu who is worried.

The president is primarily responsible for remodeling projects. Of course, a gas store is important when renovating your home. Will Kiyu be able to find a way out in this type of work that he sees for the first time?

A meeting will be held at the gas exhibition venue in the afternoon of the same day. Kiyu looks a little tired and falls asleep.

Mitsuki, the only daughter of a large gas company in the same industry, appears at the meeting. It was a monster with a track record of taking the top spot last year in ``attracting customers'' and ``sales of gas appliances,'' which Kiyu has been worrying about for a long time. This encounter will greatly change Kiyu's challenge.

Episode 8, which depicts Kiyu's first renovation job and the queen he meets at a gas exhibition, can be read in its entirety below!

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