A program 'Wolverine' that automatically fixes bugs using GPT-4 will be developed

When developing a program, it is necessary to identify and remove bugs and defects in the program called '

debugging '. Also, the more complex the system, the more difficult it is to fix, because changes in one place will create bugs in another. Programmer BioBootloader developed a program ' Wolverine ' that automatically fixes bugs using GPT-4 .

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Developed by BioBootloader, 'Wolverine' is a program that runs a buggy script, captures any error messages it sees, and sends them to GPT-4 to automatically ask what's wrong. ``If you run the script and it crashes, GPT-4 will edit the script and explain what went wrong,'' BioBootloader said. will be executed.”

The demo posted by BioBootloader runs a calculator script with some intentional bugs. If you don't use 'Wolverine', the functions necessary for calculation will be deleted and it will crash, but if you use 'Wolverine', the bug will be fixed and you can run it. According to BioBootloader, if an error occurs, GPT-4 will iteratively fix the code and try to run it correctly. In the end, the original Python file will have a script with the changes added by GPT-4.

GPT-4 used for 'Wolverine' has a more sophisticated source code writing function than the conventional GPT-3.5, and it is possible to complete software while interacting. Also, when an error occurs, you can receive the corrected code by interacting with it.

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BioBootloader said, 'Wolverine is just a simple prototype I made in a few hours,' and talks about the future prospects. BioBootloader expects to add functions such as `` ask for user confirmation before executing modified code '', consider editing formats that GPT-4 responds to, test further prompts, and expand to languages other than Python. doing.

'Wolverine' developed by BioBootloader is available on GitHub , but it requires OpenAI's API to use, and registration on the waiting list for using GPT-4 is required.

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