OpenAI releases 'GPT-4' to the public and makes it available to anyone, and the function to execute code within ChatGPT is also officially released

OpenAI has released the API of the high-performance model ' GPT-4 ' to the public. Also, the public release of the code execution plug-in 'Code Interpreter' for ChatGPT Plus members is announced.

GPT-4 API general availability and deprecation of older models in the Completions API

OpenAI has developed a paid API service that charges according to the tokens used, and users can use the text generation model 'GPT-3.5' and the image generation model 'DALL E' etc. via the API. Until now, the GPT-4 API has been limited to some users, but with this announcement, anyone can use the GPT-4 API.

Users who have already made a payment to OpenAI's API can use the GPT-4 API with a context size of 8k. In addition, 8k token version GPT-4 will be provided to new users by the end of 2023, and after that, the corresponding context size will be expanded according to the amount of OpenAI resources.

In addition, OpenAI received 97% of the access volume to the chat API ' Chat Completions API ' introduced in March 2023, and the model that was available with the old version API ' Completions API ' will be reduced to January 2024. It has announced that it will be phased out by the 4th. You can check the list of models that will no longer be available and the due date at the link below.

Deprecations - OpenAI API

In addition, Open AI has announced that the code execution plug-in `` Code Interpreter '', which was test-released for ChatGPT Plus members, will be released to the public in July 2023. By using 'Code Interpreter', users can execute code within ChatGPT to analyze data and create graphs.

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