The highlight is the video of the aircraft 'STOL' taking off and landing in just a few meters

Speaking of airplanes, I imagine that it takes a long runway for takeoff and landing, but there are also airplanes that can take off and land with just a few meters of ground. Web media Kottke introduces such short takeoff and landing (STOL).

Plane Lands/Takes Off In Only 20 Feet

Anatomy of a STOL Aircraft

Shortest Takoff in National STOL History-YouTube

This is a video of STOL taken in Valdez, Alaska. This aircraft has successfully taken off and landed at only 20 feet (about 6 meters).

Alaska super cub 10 foot landing 10 foot take off-YouTube

It is impressive that the aircraft immediately becomes horizontal when starting. It is said that the tail is raised by putting out full power with the brake applied.

This is also a picture taken at Valdez. Taking off and landing in a short distance using Nakasu.

water assisted bush landing-YouTube

In order to successfully take off and land at such short distances, simply increasing the power will not work. This is because an engine that produces horsepower is heavy, and the fuel required for that amount increases the weight.

The key to STOL is the wing with a high lift coefficient.

There are many types of wings. Early aircraft used wings of the following shape, but there was a demand for a design to obtain more lift.

Later appeared slats and flaps attached to the wings to adjust lift. By using this, you will be able to obtain high lift at low speed and low distance. Compared to the simple design (blue), the design with flaps at the back (green) has a higher lift coefficient, and the design with slats in front (red) simply more than doubles the lift coefficient. STOL realizes short takeoff and landing by adjusting the angle and thickness of wings and flaps.

At the STOL take-off and landing distance competition held in 2022, Steve Henry's aircraft, which sells STOL in Idaho, has successfully taken off at just 6 feet (about 1.8 meters).

The landing is as short as 28 feet (about 8.5 meters), and Mr. Henry has won the competition brilliantly.

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