Chat AI against ChatGPT 'Claude' released, developed by AI startup founded by former employee of Google-backed OpenAI

A chat AI like ChatGPT developed by

Anthropic , an AI startup launched by a former employee of OpenAI who developed AI tools such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, is `` Claude ''. Claude, who has worked with major partners such as Notion , Quora , and DuckDuckGo to develop a closed alpha version, is now open to all users.

Anthropic | Introducing Claude

Chat AI Claude can access the developer console's chat interface via an API to perform a variety of conversational and text processing tasks while maintaining a high degree of reliability and predictability.

Claude can summarize sentences, search, co-write with users, ask and answer questions, code, etc., and from users who are already using Claude, ``It is much less likely to generate harmful output. , It seems that feedback has been returned that it is easy to talk and easy to operate. Anthropic boasts Claude's high accuracy, stating that ``you can get the desired output with less effort.''

In fact, an AI engineer who started using Claude one step ahead published an experimental result comparing the performance of ChatGPT and Claude, saying, ``Claude has a slightly more verbose sentence than ChatGPT, but it is not suitable for me. Refusal to answer to, a higher level of understanding of the story, and a higher quality of jokes than ChatGPT.

Experimental results comparing the performance of OpenAI's 'ChatGPT' and 'Claude' developed by a former OpenAI engineer - GIGAZINE

Anthropic offers two versions, 'Claude' and 'Claude Instant', 'Claude' is a state-of-the-art high-performance model, and 'Claude Instant' is a model specializing in light weight, low cost, and low latency. The price of 'Claude' is $ 2.9 (about 390 yen) for prompt per million characters and $ 8.6 (about 1150 yen) for output, while the price offered for 'Claude Instant' is per million characters The prompt is $0.43 (about 58 yen) and the output is $1.45 (about 190 yen). Anthropic plans to introduce more updates in the coming weeks.

You can participate in Claude's early access from the following.

Early Access |

In addition, Anthropic introduces case studies of companies using Claude one step ahead.

One of Anthropic's partners, Quora, uses Claude in its AI chat app, Poe . 'Users say Claude's answers are detailed and easy to understand, and they love how the interactions flow like natural conversations,' said Autumn Besselmann, Quora's head of human resources and communications. I'm talking

In fact, Poe users have praised Claude, saying, 'Claude feels more conversational than ChatGPT,' and 'I personally like the way the answers are presented and the detailed yet simple answers.' that's right.

Juni , a leading provider of online education solutions, uses Claude to power its Discord AI bot , the Juni Tutor Bot .

Vivian Shen, CEO of juni, said, 'We decided to use Claude after comparing it to our competitors and seeing that our use cases and implementations would provide a friendlier, higher quality answer. Current status of other models. Unlike superficial responses like those found in , Claude responds as if you were having a conversation with a real tutor or teacher, which was important. Regardless of the subject, including understanding , Claude has enabled students to learn better and get richer answers.'

Notion also says that by integrating its platform with Claude, it has succeeded in increasing the productivity of people at work and school. 'Claude's creative writing and summarizing skills have contributed to the development of Notion AI, a connected AI assistant,' said Akshay Kotohari, Notion co-founder and COO. I can now work more efficiently and improve my writing skills within my workspace.'

“We are excited to collaborate with Anthropic on

DuckAssist , which uses natural language technology to provide answers to search queries using Wikipedia and other relevant sources,” said Steve Fisher, CEO of DuckDuckGo. It's the first instant answer for search results that it generates.' 'Anthropic is already a great partner, working closely with us to improve the quality of DuckAssist's answers while meeting our stringent privacy requirements. We look forward to continuing this partnership,' he said, revealing that he is collaborating with Anthropic on DuckAssist, an AI function that outputs natural language answers to search results using Wikipedia as a source. I'm here.

Robin AI , a legal infrastructure business, also uses Claude. Information is hard to find in a document-heavy field like the legal industry. It is also very important to be able to read and understand complex legal documents. “We use Claude to evaluate specific parts of a contract and suggest new alternative languages that are more friendly to our customers,” said Richard Robinson, CEO of Robin AI. We have worked on the technology of , but nothing has matched Claude's ability.' 'Claude has proven to be very good at understanding language, including technical areas such as legal terminology.' He is also very good at not only drafting, summarizing and translating, but also explaining complex concepts in simple words.Since we introduced Claude into our product, user engagement has increased and users Feedback from customers has also been strengthened, leading to more deals being closed.'

AssemblyAI partners with Anthropic to power its API platform to transcribe and understand audio data. “We look forward to this partnership advancing our AI initiatives,” said Dylan Fox, Founder and CEO of AssemblyAI.

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