Succeeded in hacking Nintendo DSi from standard web browser

The handheld game machine '

Nintendo DSi ' released by Nintendo in 2008 is equipped with the ' Nintendo DSi Browser ' jointly developed with Opera Software, which develops the browser Opera. can be viewed. Engineer Nathan Farlow has released an exploit that hacks the Nintendo DSi browser to execute arbitrary code.

Hacking the Nintendo DSi Browser |

stylehax: DSi browser exploit-YouTube

Launch the Nintendo DSi browser.

Open Favorites.

Access the registered 'stylehax'.

Wait for a while because the message 'Exploiting ... If it stays like this for more than 30 seconds, please restart and try again' is displayed.

The screen will flash momentarily and then disappear.

After rebooting, I was presented with a screen that was clearly not from the Nintendo DSi.

Farlow said he first tried to find an exploit with a Nintendo DS emulator called melonDS , but it didn't work. Therefore, he found a Windows build of Opera 9.50, ran it in Wine , enabled the debugging function using the heap area, and then performed a WebKit layout test. On top of that, they found a way to find used objects, manipulate corrupted ones, jump to controllable addresses, and execute arbitrary code. Since this method worked well with the melonDS emulator, the above movie was verified with the real Nintendo DSi.

Furlow has published a series of codes on GitHub.

GitHub - nathanfarlow/stylehax: Nintendo DSi browser exploit

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