Notification that Google will promote fewer employees than ever before

It turns out that Google has notified that fewer employees will be promoted to senior levels in 2023 due to the performance evaluation system `` Googler Reviews And Development (GRAD) '' and the impact of personnel reductions.

Google: Fewer employees to get senior promotions to senior roles

Google introduced 'GRAD' in May 2022. Google said that the traditional twice-yearly performance evaluation will be aggregated into one yearly, and overall wages paid to employees will be higher. However, it has been pointed out that they may be trying to reduce personnel by tightening the GRAD settings.

Possibility that Google is tightening its internal performance evaluation system in order to reduce personnel by more than 10,000 people - GIGAZINE

And in January 2023, Google's parent company Alphabet will carry out a staff reduction of 12,000 people. After that, the number of recruits is also reduced.

Google dismissed 12,000 employees, affecting 'Area 120', an in-house incubator that has produced numerous products such as Gmail - GIGAZINE

In response to this trend, Google plans to promote fewer people than when the company was growing, as the hiring process has slowed, although the promotion process itself will not change. I was informed that there was

According to Google, the reduction in the number of people promoted this time is a measure to ``surely increase the number of employees in senior positions and leadership roles in proportion to the growth of the company.'' It seems that the number of promotions will be increased again if growth continues to rise like before.

Investors are calling for further staff reductions and lower salaries, which are higher than industry standards.

Investors demand further staff reductions and salary cuts for Google, which dismissed 12,000 people - GIGAZINE

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