Bing with chat AI was integrated into Skype and it became possible to ask various questions, so I asked them to make 'GIGAZINE's song'

Microsoft announced that it will integrate

Bing with chat AI into the message application 'Skype'. Bing's integration made it possible to talk with AI on Skype, so I actually tried talking to AI.

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In February 2023, Microsoft announced plans to incorporate OpenAI's high-performance chat AI into the search engine `` Bing '', but announced that it will also integrate AI-equipped Bing into Skype. An example of actually talking with chat AI on Skype is as follows.

◆ Ask Bing
Bing acts as one of your Skype contacts, allowing you to message Bing with questions and get instant, natural-language responses. You can also submit additional questions if your question has not been answered. As a result of sending a message to Bing on Skype saying 'What kind of site is gigazine?', I told you about GIGAZINE in detail.

◆ Specify answer format
You can also specify the answer format, such as 'Answer in bullet points' or 'Answer so that a 5-year-old can understand'. When I asked Bing, ``Please explain about gigazine with ``Danyan'' at the end of the word,'' he explained about GIGAZINE while saying ``Danyan'' as instructed.

◆Enjoy jokes and quizzes
Bing can also answer creative questions such as 'Tell me a joke about XX' or 'Tell me a quiz about XX'. As a test, I asked Bing to ``write lyrics about gigazine'', and as a result, he wrote the lyrics smoothly.

The full text of 'GIGAZINE's song' written by Bing is as follows.

GIGAZINE is a news site
Science in IT and games
Easy to read blog format
Gigabyte-sized online magazine

GIGAZINE has a lot of interesting articles
If you want to know the latest information and trends
Updated daily so you won't get bored

A site that satisfies your intellectual curiosity
A site that expands your world

◆ Group chat with multiple people including Bing
Skype has a group chat feature that allows multiple people to chat at the same time. You can also include Bing in this group chat. Bing supports more than 100 languages, and you can complete operations such as `` assistance in planning weekend travel schedules '' and `` confirmation of flight information and accommodation information '' just by chat.

Bing integrated into Skype is already available for those who are participating in an early preview of the AI-powered version of Bing. If you want to participate in the early preview, please join the waiting list from the link below.

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