Wind power generation + solar power generation surpasses nuclear power generation to become the top power source in the EU

Power sources have changed significantly over time, and recently, renewable energy such as wind power and solar power have come to be widely used. In the EU as a whole, wind power generation + solar power generation will be close to one-fifth of the total in 2022, and together with the decline in nuclear power generation, it has become the top power source.

European Electricity Review 2023 | Ember

Wind and solar were EU's top electricity source in 2022 for first time ever - Carbon Brief

The following is a graph of the data published by the research company Ember by the news site Carbon Bried. The share of wind and solar power generation was around 1% 20 years ago, but increased to 12.67% in 2015, surpassing hydropower (11.69%). Furthermore, in 2019, it reached 17.07%, overtaking coal-fired power generation (15.67%). In 2022, the share will expand to 22.28%, surpassing nuclear power generation (21.92%), which has been the top share for over 20 years.

This result was due to both the record growth of wind power and solar power and the more than expected decline in nuclear power.

Looking at the graph in 2022, not only nuclear power generation but also hydroelectric power generation is declining, but this is due to the impact of a drought on a scale of 'once in 500 years' across Europe. It seems that the amount of power generation equivalent to 7% of the power demand has disappeared.

Some of this impact was offset by lower electricity consumption due to the warmer climate, with wind and solar power generating most of the rest.

In particular, photovoltaic power generation has increased in EU countries compared to the average year. In the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Spain and Germany, 10% of the total was covered by solar power.

While wind power and solar power are expected to continue growing in 2023, nuclear power and hydro power generation are also expected to recover, and the share of thermal power generation using fossil fuels is expected to decline significantly. You can In particular, gas prices are expected to remain high until at least 2025, and are expected to stall even faster than coal power generation.

In addition, the cost of wind power generation and solar power generation is decreasing, and it is reported that the operating cost is lower than 99% of coal-fired power plants in the United States except for a small part.

New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States - Inside Climate News

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