It turned out that Russian search engine Yandex was tampering with the search results so that Putin's picture would not appear even if he searched for 'bald'


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In January 2023, source code was leaked from Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, sometimes called the 'Russian Google'. By analyzing this code, Yandex will not display images of President Vladimir Putin when searching for insults such as 'bald head' or 'liar', and search for 'Z' will not display images related to Nazi Germany. It is reported that it was found that search results etc. were not displayed.

Yandex scrapes Google and other SEO learnings from the source code leak

Yandex caught scraping Google SEO code | TechRadar

«Яндекс» блокировал изображения Путина, когда пользователи искали «бункерного деда». И нацистские символы — когда они искали Z Что «Медуза» узнала из новой утечки «Яндекса». Предупреждаем: много мата ???? — Meduza

Yandex Censors Search So 'Bald F*cker' and 'Bunker Grandad' Won't Show Putin: Report

The source code leak from Yandex was not caused by an attack such as hacking, but by a former Yandex employee with political motives stealing and publishing a Git repository.

Yandex's internal information leak exceeding 40 GB is an official comment that 'employees leaked', and a list of leaked files is also ant-GIGAZINE

The total number of files leaked from Yandex is 44.7 GB, so it will take some time to analyze it, but even at this stage, we have gained a lot of knowledge about Yandex and Google's search engine, which has active human interaction with Yandex.

For example, according to an analysis by Search Engine Land, which deals with SEO-related news, the number of ranking factors that were originally supposed to be 1,922 was only a small part, and that there were actually 17,854 ranking factors. Among them was 'NEWS_AGENCY_RATING', a variable that Yandex seems to be using to favor certain news outlets.

Regarding this discovery, Search Engine Land said, 'It's a big difference from Google, which has firmly stated that it will not introduce such biases into its ranking system.'

In addition, analysis of the Russian-language news site Meduza, which has been certified as an ``unfavorable organization'' by the Russian authorities, also revealed that Yandex was trying not to associate President Putin with inconvenient search words.

The automatic correction of search queries by Yandex was mainly used for the purpose of deleting pornographic images and videos, but this mechanism is also used to prevent Putin's images from being output from specific search words. said to have been used.

The search words that have been modified so that President Putin's image is not displayed are as follows.
пиздабол (liar)
плешивый (bald head)
хуйло / хуйла / хуйлы / хуило / хуила (Damn. A vulgar term used to criticize President Putin as ' Putin Firo! ')
・ бункерный дед ( Uncle Trench . An insulting nickname of President Putin used by Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny etc.)
・ главный вор (great thief)
・ гондон всея руси ( all Rus condoms)
・ хуй в скафандре (penis wearing a space suit)
・ xуйло в проруби (shit in the ice hole)
・Position выглядят педофилы (looks like a pedophile)
・ когда он сдохнет (When will he die)
・Strange creature waving hand)

Similarly, the letter 'Z' was also prevented from appearing at the same time as unwanted search results, especially those related to Nazism. 'Z' is a letter that is not used in Russian, but has been used as a symbol of war since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

What does the 'Z' that has become a symbol of war in Russia mean? -GIGAZINE

A Yandex spokesperson told the foreign media The Daily Beast, who inquired about the leaked source code, ``The leaked code is old and different from the version currently used by our service, and some of the published code is actually It was not used for

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