Even though Elon Mask calls himself a ``tweet man'', it can not be restored due to Twitter's specifications

From around November 2022, there have been multiple reports on Twitter that the display name of an account with an authenticated badge cannot be changed. As a result of Twitter's Elon Mask CEO changing the display name to 'Mr. Tweet (tweet man)', a situation occurred that could not be restored.

There are two types of names that indicate accounts on Twitter: ' account names ' starting with '@' such as '@gigazine' and ' display names ' such as 'GIGAZINE'. Of these, the display name can be freely changed at any time, but since Twitter's verified badge can be purchased for a fee in November 2022, the holder of the verified badge will say, 'I can no longer change my display name. ” were reported one after another.

Below is an example where the display name can no longer be changed. We are reporting that Shoko Nakagawa tried to change the display name '20th anniversary Shoko Nakagawa', but as a result, an error occurred and the display name could not be changed.

Meanwhile, Elon Mask CEO changed his display name to 'Mr. Tweet'. As a result, we reported that the display name could not be returned. Mask CEO has not released a screenshot of the error, but considering the situation, it seems likely that he was involved in the same situation as Shoko Nakagawa.

If you check the list of tweets by Mask CEO at the time of article creation, you can enjoy ``A collection of tweets by people who call themselves 'Mr. Tweet' that records over 20 million views' as follows.

However, when I accessed the official account of the Comic Market Preparation Committee, whose display name could not be changed due to a similar problem, I was able to confirm that the display name could be changed at the time of article creation. For this reason, it can be expected that Mask CEO's display name will eventually change.

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