TikTok intends to make concessions to US regulators for business continuity


which is being tightened in the United States due to security concerns, has shown concessions to improve the transparency of the algorithm to continue business and to allow regulatory authorities to monitor and control. I understand.

TikTok Tries to Win Allies in the US With More Transparency - WSJ

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Since ByteDance, the operating mother of TikTok, is a Chinese company, in the United States, a bill was created to prohibit the use of government terminals as ``security concerns,'' and in some states the use is prohibited by the governor. I have decided.

New Jersey and Ohio decide to ban TikTok, and products such as Huawei and ZTE will also be banned-GIGAZINE

ByteDance has been in ongoing discussions with the Foreign Investment in the United States Committee to ensure TikTok can continue to operate in the United States. In particular, the focus has been on restricting ByteDance employees from accessing user data in the United States, but more recently, how TikTok's algorithm works and how it guides users. It was said that there was concern about whether there was.

ByteDance had previously indicated a policy to increase the independence of the TikTok business in the United States, but presented a proposal to further increase transparency and allow American regulators to check algorithm movements. It seems that they are.

In addition, TikTok regulations in the United States are progressing while discussions are underway, and the use of TikTok is also prohibited in Alabama.

Auburn Banned TikTok, and Students Can't Stop Talking About It - The New York Times

At Auburn State University of Alabama, TikTok can no longer be used on the campus network, and students switch from campus Wi-Fi to mobile data communication each time they want to use TikTok.

Elizabeth Hunt, a third-year student who was asked to comment by The New York Times, said, ``It's annoying to have to switch connections when you want to use TikTok.'' ``But TikTok is a very big existence, our generation I don't think it will change how we use it.'

Braden Haynes, who runs a student TV station, Eagle Eye TV, said, ``I will use Instagram Reels instead. There are ways, but it takes too much effort,' he said.

In addition, Jamal Brown, a spokesperson for TikTok, said of the move to regulate TikTok, ``I am amazed. It is disappointing that we are trying to enact a policy based on untruths.'

According to the research agency Pew Research Institute, the number of Americans who watch news on TikTok will increase from 3% to 10% from 2020 to 2022. In particular, 26% of those under the age of 30 regularly watch news on TikTok.

More Americans are getting news on TikTok, bucking social media trend | Pew Research Center

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