It is reported that Microsoft plans to deploy new features using super powerful chat AI 'ChatGPT' with search engine Bing

ChatGPT , an interactive AI developed by OpenAI , an AI research group , became a hot topic as soon as the test version was released to the public in November 2022, and its amazing accuracy became a hot topic. has also appeared . Meanwhile, it was reported that Microsoft, which has made a large investment in OpenAI, plans to integrate ChatGPT into the search engine Bing and release new features.

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ChatGPT is a natural language processing model that fine-tunes GPT-3.5 developed by OpenAI, and through reinforcement learning that reflects human feedback, it has acquired accuracy enough to smoothly interact with humans. Already, using ChatGPT, such as ' I was able to write a sentence disputing a parking fine ', ' I passed a college-level computer science open-ended question', and 'I succeeded in meeting a woman on a matching app'. There are also reported cases of solving real-world problems.

``The next meta of Tinder is ChatGPT'' A fierce man who asks chat AI to teach how to persuade women appears-GIGAZINE

According to officials contacted by overseas media The Information and Bloomberg, Microsoft is preparing to release a new feature that integrates ChatGPT into the search engine Bing. Sources who provided information to Bloomberg said that Microsoft hopes to provide more conversational and contextual responses to user queries, providing high-quality answers that go beyond links and win search users. said he was aiming for

Details about how ChatGPT is actually used in Bing have not been clarified, but technology media Gizmodo said, ``Since it is likely that ChatGPT's role is in the back end, its existence is probably It will be relatively difficult for human users to detect.'

Microsoft has been considering using ChatGPT for several months and is aiming to deploy new features by the end of March 2023. Note that the first release will not be available to the public and may be a limited test for a small user group.

Overseas media The Verge says that Microsoft may be able to compete with Google's knowledge graph , a knowledge base based on web crawling and user feedback, by using ChatGPT for Bing. In fact, Google has reportedly declared ChatGPT 'code red' for possible threats to its search business.

With the release of ChatGPT, Google declares ``code red'' and reassigns teams to respond to the threat AI chatbots pose to the search business-GIGAZINE

While the use of ChatGPT is attracting attention, it is also pointed out that ChatGPT, like other AI, can explain false information as if it is true or generate biased responses. . As of December 2022, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said, ``ChatGPT's capabilities are very limited, but enough to give the misleading impression that it is superior in some respects. So it's a mistake to rely on ChatGPT for anything important.It's a preview in progress and there's a lot to be done about robustness and veracity.'

In addition, Microsoft has refrained from commenting on inquiries from Bloomberg and Gizmodo.

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