Earon Mask's ``Voting on Twitter's Important Decisions'' can also be operated with a voting bot that can be introduced for 10,000 yen

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, has repeatedly voted on Twitter to revive former President Trump's Twitter account , cancel the frozen account , and resign from the CEO . On the other hand, Mr. Mask's frequent voting on Twitter is said to be easy to operate with bots, and it has been pointed out that it is dangerous to rely on Twitter's survey function for important decisions. Newly, the non-profit digital rights protection organization `` Accountable Tech '' announced on December 23, 2022 that `` by introducing a bot service of less than $ 100 (about 13,000 yen), tens of thousands of people will vote on Twitter. I reported the verification result that I can cast a vote.

Accountable Tech verified whether voting by bots is possible, based on the fact that Mr. Mask agreed with the opinion that ``the voting results regarding his resignation as CEO were manipulated by bots''. First, Accountable Tech created a dummy Twitter account and conducted a vote saying 'Is voting on Twitter reliable?' As a result of having the bot participate in the voting, the bot introduced for $ 57 (about 7560 yen) succeeded in casting 26261 votes within 24 hours, and in this verification the result was less than $ 100 (about 13,000 yen) operation has been achieved.

On the other hand, voting with the goal of voting 500,000 to 1 million votes by bots ended in failure, and researchers at Accountable Tech said, ``To vote on this scale, $ 2,600 (about 340,000 yen) We will need $ 3,600 (about 470,000 yen) from.'

Nicole Gill , executive director of Accountable Tech, said, 'Not only are bots thriving under Musk, they also make it easier to manipulate Twitter poll results. 's voting feature is not secure and can be manipulated by malicious users, including foreign governments.'

News site Bloomberg responded to a survey conducted by Accountable Tech, saying, ``Mr. It may be called out,' he said .

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