Apple and Google are opposing the bill that recognizes the 'right to repair' passed by an overwhelming majority and are trying to prevent enforcement

Smartphones and PCs that have been released in recent years are difficult to obtain parts and circuit diagrams are not published, so it is difficult to repair by yourself or ask a repair company other than the manufacturer. In order to change this situation, there is an active movement around the world to establish a 'right to repair', and in June 2022, the New York State Assembly passed a bill recognizing the right to repair. However, it has been reported that the state governor has not signed the bill even six months after the bill was passed.

NY State Senate Bill S4104A

NY tech device repair bill shrank under lobbyists' influence

Lobbyists have held up nation's first right-to-repair bill in New York | Ars Technica

The Nation's First Right to Repair Law Is Waiting for Kathy Hochul's Signature

PCs and mobile devices sold in the 2000s were relatively easy to disassemble, and users could disassemble and repair them with tools on hand as long as they had replacement parts. However, many of the devices sold in recent years require special tools for disassembly, making it difficult for users to repair them themselves. Also, even if you ask a professional repairer, it may not be possible to perform advanced repairs because the manufacturer does not disclose the parts and circuit diagrams to the public .

In order to improve the above situation, activities are intensifying all over the world asking users to publish parts and circuit diagrams to protect the 'right to repair'. Bills seeking the right to repair are also being considered around the world, and in June 2022, the New York State Legislature issued a directive to 'all manufacturers that sell digital electronic products' that 'parts and tools for users and independent repairers, A bill was passed to obligate the provision of repair manuals.

The New York State Legislature passed the first bill in the United States that recognizes the ``right to repair'' for a wide range of electronic devices - GIGAZINE

The bill passed in the New York State Legislature received bipartisan support and was passed by an overwhelming majority of 147 to 2. However, it was not signed by Governor Kathy Houkle, and when foreign media Motherboard contacted New York State in October 2022, it was said that 'Governor Houkle is considering the bill'. In addition, when Ars Technica contacted New York State in December 2022, a similar answer was returned, ``Governor Hokur is considering the bill.''

Gay Gordon Byrne, executive director of the Repair Association , which advocates for the right to repair, said lobbying by several companies was behind the delay in signing Gov.

In the first place, when the New York State Legislature began considering the bill on the right to repair, automobiles, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, etc. were included, but as a result of corporate lobbying activities, the target was smartphones and PCs. Limited to 'digital electronic products'. The Albany Times Union, a daily newspaper, reports that manufacturers of digital electronic products affected by the bill, including Apple, Microsoft, Google and HP, are urging Governor Houkl to dissuade him from signing the bill.

The bill was submitted to Governor Houkul on December 16, 2022, and if Governor Houkul does not sign it within 30 days, it will be treated as a veto and the bill will be reconsidered.

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