US military reports hundreds of UFO sightings in 2022 alone

There are various opinions about the authenticity and identity of sightings of unidentified flying objects '

UFO ' flying in the sky, but the US military has reported various UFO sightings so far. The `` All Area Abnormal Resolution Office (AARO) '' established by the US Department of Defense in July 2022 to respond to UFOs announced that it received hundreds of reports on UFOs from the US military in just six months after its opening. Did.

USD(I&S) Ronald Moultrie and Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick Media Roundtable on the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office > US Department of Defense > Transcript

US military reports 'several hundred' UFO sightings in 2022, Pentagon officials claim | Live Science

In the United States, various UFO survey results have been reported so far. In April 2022, the results of a survey on `` cases of damage to the health of human beings who witnessed UFOs '' will be released.

Pentagon documents revealed that people who encountered UFOs complained of burns and ``unknown pregnancy''-GIGAZINE

Therefore, in July 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense established AARO, a new department mainly for dealing with UFOs, with the aim of 'reducing threats to safety and national security when operating the military.' did.

The Department of Defense defines a UFO or Unidentified Air Phenomenon (UAP) as ``anything in space, in the air, on land, under the sea, or under the sea that is unidentifiable and that may pose a threat to U.S. military installations or operations.'' increase.

``Since its opening in July 2022, AARO has received hundreds of UFO reports from the US military,'' said Sean Kirkpatrick, one of AARO's members. These reports will be added to the more than 140 (PDF files) UFO sightings reported to the military between 2004 and 2021.

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense announced in 2021 that ``it cannot be said that aliens are involved in reports of UFOs and UAPs.'' ``Like previous reports, this report shows no signs of alien activity,'' Kirkpatrick said.

'Many of these UFO sightings likely misidentified surveillance drones and weather balloons from China, Russia and elsewhere, and have been resolved,' said an unnamed Pentagon official. He said these sightings could be 'air confusion'.

It has been pointed out that some of the videos released by the U.S. military so far, which are said to be 'UFO sightings', may have misidentified 'light reflections' as UFOs.

Pointed out that the UFO movie recognized as real by the US Navy is ``due to the reflection of light''-GIGAZINE

Kirkpatrick said, ``AARO is working to eliminate common sources that are likely to be mistaken for UFO sightings,'' and ``a detailed report on the 2022 investigation will be released soon.'' doing.

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