'ChatGPT is the next meta for Tinder'

There have been reports of successful encounters with women on the matching app Tinder by making full use of

ChatGPT , a chat AI capable of advanced dialogue with humans .

Tinder users are using ChatGPT to message matches | Mashable

There have been attempts to use AI in matching apps. Programmers seem to have made various attempts, such as using AI to send messages to hundreds of users at once, assuming encounters in matching apps as games. The latest version of this attempt uses ChatGPT.

One TikTok user, @ekoastoic , who reported using ChatGPT to meet on Tinder.

@ekoastoic started the video saying, 'I found a new meta for Tinder, so I want you to listen to it.'

What was projected on the screen was an exchange with a woman matched by Tinder, 'How tall are you?' '6 feet (about 1.8 meters)' 'Can you climb?' It is unfolding.

Next, @ekoastoic entered ChatGPT, 'Please write a love poem about climbing trees. This is a metaphor for a 6-foot girl.'

And explain that the poem output by ChatGPT is a self-made poem and send it to the woman. The poem reads, 'I climb this towering tree, I feel myself climbing higher, holding every branch that rises to the sky. I know she's up there, A girl six feet tall with legs stretched for miles and a smile that brightens everyone up I want to be by her side I want to touch her and hold her tight I want to be surrounded by her warmth and light and never again You will never see the night, but the road is steep and dangerous, and you never know if you will make it to the top.
Yet I will continue to climb, with all my heart and soul. She's worth the risk, climb a tree for a six-foot girl, never feel small again. 'something like.

In response to this, a woman replied, ``Oh my ger! I have never had a poem written by a man.It is very cute.

Another user,

@normangains , also reported successfully meeting someone on ChatGPT.

@normangains sent a message on Tinder to a woman who is engaged in weight training.

When I typed in ChatGPT, 'Tell me about

Hip Trust ', I got the answer, 'Is there a barbell in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?'

Next, when @normangains entered ``From a man to a woman (pickup line)'', ChatGPT said, ``If you are looking for a pick up line that a man can use for a woman while touching Hip Trust, ``Can I sit down for a while? What about the line that says, 'I saw someone do a hip trust and my legs got a little weak.' This is a challenging and strenuous exercise, and it's impressive to see someone do it well.' It's a pick-up line based on the idea of being attractive, and it also implies that men find women attractive because they're healthy and toned. It is important to speak with confidence and a smile, as well as to be prepared for various reactions from the other party.”

When @normangains tried using this pick-up line, a woman replied, '(Laughs) My legs are weak.'

In response to this, ``If you feel your legs are weak, please tell me your Snapchat contact information,'' @normangains sent a message, and a woman sent me a Snapchat contact. . The exchange with ChatGPT was successful.

Looking at the interaction with ChatGPT to come up with pick-up lines, I can't help but feel that the day when AI will give me love guidance is near.

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