How to expand and avoid 'recommended tweets' to all users, which arbitrarily posts tweets of people who Twitter does not follow on the timeline?

It turned out that the target of ``recommended tweets'', which displays tweets posted by accounts that you do not follow, has been expanded to all users on the timeline that is first displayed when you open the Twitter app.

Twitter is now pushing recommended tweets to everyone | Engadget

On December 1, 2022, Twitter's official account said, ``In order to deliver the best content to all Twitter users, all users, including those who have not been able to see ``Recommendations'' so far, will be ``recommended''. We are expanding ', and announced that recommended tweets selected by Twitter will be displayed for all users.

``Recommended tweets'' themselves are not a new feature implemented this time, and Twitter posted in its official blog in September that ``Recommended tweets are displayed on the home timeline, ``search topics'', and various other places on Twitter. It will be done.'

Details such as how often ``recommended tweets'' posted by people you don't follow get mixed into your timeline are unknown, but some Twitter users say, ``When you open your timeline, 90% are ads, and you don't follow them. There was a hellish scene where people's silly recommended tweets were mixed in,' said one person who complained that 90% of the timeline was turned into advertisements.

Also, some tweeted, ``My feed is full of tweets from accounts I don't follow, and I don't know if this was intentional,'' or ``The recommended tweets are really terrible. It's the opposite of what I want.'

In response to these voices, Twitter has released a method to prevent recommended tweets from being displayed. According to it, ``If you click the icon in the upper right of the home timeline and select 'Switch to latest tweets', you can see the latest tweets only from the accounts you follow.''

The specific method is as follows. First, tap the button surrounded by a red frame.

Then select 'Switch to latest tweet'.

If you arrange tweets in chronological order in this way, recommended tweets will not be displayed.

However, when I returned the setting to the original 'Home', I got a guide saying that recommended tweets would be displayed preferentially.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk said in May 2022, immediately after proposing the acquisition of Twitter, ``It is very important to fix the Twitter feed'' and ``Twitter users are being manipulated by algorithms without realizing it. It's gone, 'he said, suggesting that he doesn't look favorably on the tweet recommendation function.

On December 2, after Twitter announced that it had expanded recommended tweets to all users, he said, ``Tap the star icon in the upper right corner of the screen to switch between the latest and recommended tweets of people you follow. ' he tweeted.

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