``Extraordinary avocado croquette'' tasting review with thick avocado croquette and sandwiched between burgers

Mos Burger's `` Exceptional Avocado Croquette '', which is a sandwich of avocado croquette, sometimes called `` forest butter '', with 100% domestic meat hamburger, will be on sale for a limited time from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday). It has been. From the same day, they also added `` Burned Caramel Latte [using Yonaguni Island brown sugar] '', which is a latte with fine milk foam combined with caramel sauce using brown sugar from Yonaguni Island, and `` Dekopon Ginger ,'' which is a ginger ale made from Dekopon from Kumamoto Prefecture. Ale ' has also appeared, so I bought three new menus at once and tried them.

Exceptional Avocado Croquette | Limited Menu | Mos Burger Official Site


Charred Caramel Latte [Using Yonaguni Island Brown Sugar] | Limited Menu | Mos Burger Official Site

Dekopon Ⓡ Ginger Ale [Uses 1.0% Dekopon juice from Kumamoto Prefecture (raw juice conversion ratio)] | Limited menu | Mos Burger Official Site

Arrived at Mos Burger.

I bought a new menu and came back.

First of all, I will eat from `` Exceptional avocado croquette ''.

The toppings are chopped cabbage, avocado croquette, and hamburg steak.

When I ate it, the rich avocado flavor and meat flavor spread in my mouth. Thanks to the crispness of the cabbage and the crunchy texture of the croquette, the avocado and meat are not fighting, and the overall taste is well-balanced. The sauce on the cabbage has a tartar flavor.

Next, I will try the new drink 'Burning Caramel Latte [using Yonaguni Island brown sugar]'.

When I drank a slightly bitter espresso and a latte made with milk and caramel sauce, the mellow sweetness of brown sugar gradually soaked in and I couldn't help but take a break. Hokkaido butter and condensed milk are also used for caramel sauce, and the gentle sweetness complements the bitterness and taste of espresso, so I felt that it was a drink that I could not help but stretch my hands in the cold season.

The last thing I drank was 'Dekopon Ginger Ale'.

The syrup uses the juice, grated pulp, and peel of Dekopon produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, and it truly contains the whole Dekopon.

When you drink it, it has a taste that harmonizes sweetness and moderate acidity, and there is also a sense of fruit. The refreshing carbonic acid makes my mouth feel refreshed, so it was a dish I wanted to order as a set with a burger.

`` Exceptional avocado croquette (590 yen including tax) '' has been available at Mos Burger nationwide except for some stores from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), and has been made into two hamburgers `` Double exceptional avocado croquette (tax included) 830 yen)' can also be ordered. Also on the same day, “Burned Caramel Latte [Uses brown sugar from Yonaguni Island] (380 yen including tax)” and “Dekopon Ginger Ale (S size 270 yen including tax/M size 340 yen including tax/L size 410 yen including tax)” also appeared. Both can be added as a set menu drink by adding 50 yen including tax. In addition, when choosing 'Dekopon Ginger Ale' as a set menu, only M size was targeted.

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