``Twitter dismissal'' mischievous executor is Elon Mask and three shots, Mr. Mask ``Dismissal is the biggest mistake''

Two mischievous performers who appeared in front of Twitter headquarters on the same day as Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter

and responded to interviews with each media as ``employees who were dismissed from Twitter'' faced a three-shot with Elon Musk. rice field. Mr. Mask posted on his Twitter account that 'dismissal was the biggest mistake.'

The photo shoot with Mr. Mask appeared in front of Twitter headquarters on October 28, 2022, the day Elon Musk acquired Twitter, and responded to media interviews as a ``dismissed employee'' 2 A man of people. Two people who called themselves 'Rahul Ligma' and 'Daniel Johnson' appeared in front of Twitter's headquarters with 'cardboard stuffed with luggage', and major media such as Reuters and CNBC reported as 'genuine former employees'. situation had developed.

Immediately after the two appeared in front of the camera as described above, many people believed that they were ``real former employees'', but the receptionist at Twitter headquarters said, ``I have never seen such two people. There is no ', and the names of the pranksters 'Ligma' and 'Johnson' are derived from net memes and slangs such as 'Ligma (Lick my: Lick my balls)' and 'Johnson (male genitalia)'. It is clear that it was a mischief from what seems to be.

It turns out that ``two engineers who were dismissed from Twitter and kicked out'' reported to each media was a prank-GIGAZINE

On November 16, 2022, a photo of the above two pranksters and Mr. Mask with their shoulders was posted on Mr. Mask's Twitter account. Mr. Mask is in a good mood and tweets, 'Welcome home! Ligma and Johnson!'

In addition, Mr. Musk joked, 'It's important to admit mistakes. Fired them was my biggest mistake.'

In addition, Mr. Mask is actually conducting a large-scale layoff of Twitter employees, and it is reported that he has dismissed about 4,400 contract employees as well as mass layoffs in countries around the world, including Japan . On the other hand, it was also revealed that several ``employees who were dismissed by mistake'' were included among the dismissed employees, and it was also reported that the employees who had been dismissed once were called on to return to work. It is

Call to return to the company as necessary human resources and ineligible people were included in the dismissal of half of Twitter's employees - GIGAZINE

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