Google agrees to pay about 55 billion yen for ``problem that continued tracking even after turning off location information''

An agreement was reached by the company to pay $ 391.5 million (about 55 billion yen) over the problem that Google was improperly collecting user's location information.

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Google: AG Rosenblum Announces Largest AG Consumer Privacy Settlement in US History - Oregon Department of Justice : Media

Google settles with 40 states over location tracking practices

The problem was discovered in 2018 by the Associated Press, which reported that ``Google tracks location and stores data even if Android and iOS users turn off their device's location information.'' It's the beginning. Concerns about Google's privacy practices have led to large-scale lawsuits involving multiple states in the United States, and courts filed by the District of Columbia and Texas have revealed that Google has been deceiving users since at least 2014. I went to

Google is sued by multiple state attorneys general that ``we have been tricking users and collecting location information since at least 2014''-GIGAZINE

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, who was investigating Google, announced on November 14, 2022 that Google had agreed with 39 other states to pay a total of $391.5 million in the matter. Announced. The settlement money received by Oregon State is $ 14,800,563 (about 2,070 million yen).

The terms of the agreement between Google and the 40 states include not only the payment of the settlement money, but also the disclosure of location information being tracked from 2023, the provision of additional information to users each time they change their account settings, and the location information. It includes information about the tracking of

Attorney General Rosenblum, who led negotiations for the settlement terms with the Nebraska Attorney General, said, ``Google has long sought profit over user privacy. It continued to covertly record consumer behavior that was intended to be turned off, and used that information for advertisers.'

On top of that, he said about the achievement of solving the largest privacy problem in history, ``In the future, until a comprehensive privacy law is enacted, companies will be able to collect and manage large amounts of personal data for marketing purposes. You can hardly do it,' he said.

Meanwhile, Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said in a statement, 'As part of the improvements we've made in recent years, we've closed an investigation into this issue that was based on an outdated product policy that changed years ago. ” commented. In addition, Google updated its official blog on November 14, saying, ``We plan to make updates in the next few months to further improve the management and transparency of location information.''

Prior to this settlement, Google has agreed to pay Arizona $ 85 million (about 12.3 billion yen) in October 2022.

To pay 12.3 billion yen in the case that Google continued to collect user's location information without permission - GIGAZINE

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