To pay 12.3 billion yen in the case that Google continued to collect user's location information without permission

Google pays $ 85 million (about 12.3 billion yen) to Arizona in a lawsuit sued by Arizona for continuing to collect user's location information even if Google's app turned off location information settings It turned out that a settlement had been reached.

Arizona announces $85M settlement with Google over user data | AP News

Arizona announces $85M settlement with Google after investigation

Google to Pay $85 Million to Settle Arizona User-Tracking Suit - WSJ

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In 2018, it was found that some Google apps, such as Google Maps, track and collect location information without permission even if location information is turned off in the privacy settings.

It turns out that the Google app continues to track and collect location data even if location information is disabled - GIGAZINE

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brunovich sued Google in May 2020 for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Prevention Act , accusing it of tracking people's location through fraudulent techniques and coercive design incorporated into its software. was doing.

The content of the settlement proposal is that Google will pay $ 85 million to the Arizona Attorney General's Office, of which $ 77.2 million (about 11.1 billion yen) will be sent to the Arizona State General Fund for education, broadband, and the Internet It will be used for privacy efforts, and the rest will be used for staff development programs in the Attorney General's Office.

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