Apple is strengthening the team such as recruitment and personnel changes for AR-VR headset development

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Regarding mixed reality (MR) devices, which are technologies that combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) , Apple has registered a trademark for an OS dedicated to MR , and Apple's MR headset will be available from the end of 2022. Apple's efforts have been rumored since 2015, with reports that it will appear by 2023 . Regarding Apple's MR project, it can be confirmed that Apple's job information and personnel changes are focusing on the project, and it is newly reported that some of the functions of the device can be expected.

Bloomberg - Apple Plans a 3D World and Video Service for Its Mixed-Reality Headset

Apple continues hiring for its mixed-reality headset project | AppleInsider

According to Bloomberg, job postings published by Apple over the past few months are looking for ``experienced coders to code and implement visual effects and game assets,'' and ``software producers who can create digital content for AR and VR environments.'' He said. Also, from the conditions described at this time, Bloomberg points out that 'Apple is aiming to build a 3D content service for AR/VR and AR.'

In 2020, Apple acquired the VR company `` NextVR '', which distributes video content that combines VR with sports and entertainment, and recent recruitment is seen as a follow-up movement.

Report that Apple is producing video content for VR / AR headset with Hollywood director - GIGAZINE

Apple is also looking for engineers to work on development tools for AR and VR. According to Bloomberg, the job postings for engineers include 'working on frameworks for app interfaces, unlocking deep system intelligence, enabling new developer tools, and creating new users and content from the application data models leveraged by various systems.' We are looking for a software engineer to help design and implement a solution that facilitates the interaction of 'Interaction between users and content' includes services such as Siri, shortcut commands, and search functions, which are expected to work with AR/VR or MR devices.

In addition, the job postings directly referred to MR, such as 'Building tools and frameworks for realizing a sense of being connected to the virtual world in a 3D mixed reality world', and Apple is related to the metaverse . Bloomberg predicts that it also suggests that it is working on virtual environments. On the other hand, Apple's head of marketing Greg Yoswiak said at a conference held in October 2022, ``Metaverse is a word I never use,'' and like a VR headset It is believed that a device similar to AR that links a smartphone and glasses will be given priority over a virtual space that is immersed in wearing a mask.

Apple's internal human resources have also confirmed moves that appear to be related to the MR project, with senior director of engineering Yaniv Guru and former senior leader of self-driving car staff Dave Scott joining Apple's AR.・It is reported that he is moving to the VR headset development team. Gul oversaw books, notes, and news apps across Apple's platforms, so Bloomberg points out that he's developing those apps for the headset. AppleInsider, which distributes Apple-related information, predicts that Scott will implement health-related apps on Apple's headsets, given his experience in the robotics industry and knowledge of shipping complex products.

Apple organizes an AR team that gathers excellent human resources from inside and outside the company in anticipation of AR (augmented reality) on the post-iPhone - GIGAZINE

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