Why are farming games so popular when there are so few farmers?

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, 1.4% in the United States and 3% in Japan are engaged in agriculture, which is a small number compared to manufacturing, wholesale/retail, medical care/welfare, etc., but farming simulation games such as 'Farming Simulator' There are many people who play , and it continues to attract some gamers. Anthropologist Robin Cutlight considers why such agricultural simulations are popular.

The Anthropology of Farming Simulator – SAPIENS

Humans have lived by hunting, gathering plants, catching fish, and gathering other resources from their natural habitat for much of history, but in an effort to ensure a tastier and more manageable diet, , I will begin to learn the means of farming and livestock.

People settled down in one place and devoted themselves to farming, and as a result of the development of agricultural machinery and chemical fertilizers and the systemization of knowledge, agriculture has grown to the point where it can support the livelihoods of hundreds of millions and even billions of people around the world. evolved into something better.

Farming knowledge is also incorporated into simulation games that allow you to experience farming, and among them, the most well-known game is 'Farming Simulator'. Farming Simulator is very realistic and allows you to grow different crops using over 400 tools.


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Mr. Cutlight pointed out, ``Why are there so many people playing agricultural simulation games when there are few farmers?'' The reason for this is said to be the 'community building power' that video games possess.

The epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has reduced the opportunities for people to physically approach each other, but on the other hand, online connections such as games have increased. According to anthropologists, immersive online games like Farming Simulator free players from the tedium and discomfort of everyday life, while providing them with an empathetic 'connection' that makes them feel more 'real' than reality. It is said that you can acquire an identity that you can feel.

Besides this, it is also played for the purpose of reminiscing about the hometown and soaking in nostalgia, and trying out equipment that the actual farmer would not be able to afford economically. In any case, it seems that there is a tendency to emphasize the act of farming itself and the relationship with people through farming, rather than just the food production system.

“Online games have become a social lifeline for many players who have been isolated by isolation,” said Cutright. It is also a sincere attempt to recapture, albeit idealized, what was once essential to many people's daily lives.'

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