Facility for saving poverty as a base for agriculture and education, drone transport "Mashambas Skyscraper"

Although the poverty rate of the world is on a downward trend, the Africa region shows the only high poverty rate in such a region, and it is a region where there is no improvement seen. By the end of this centuryThe population of the Earth surpassed 10 billion peopleThen it is seen that it is inevitable that poverty and food problems become serious as it is. A tower-type facility that tries to solve such a crisis from the regional level is "Mashambas Skyscraper"is.

Incredible farming skyscraper could fight poverty and feed the world | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Made by Polish designers Pawel Lipiński and Mateusz Frankowski designed "Mashambas Skyscraper" which can be disassembled and moved in a modular manner. The building named after Mashambas meaning "farming land" in Swahili language has a multilayered structure, it is designed to be used as a facility for educating the market and agriculture selling agricultural products.

On the first floor of the building, an area to sell local crops is made.

And, in the upper part of the building which is cylindrical and in which the sun's light well enters, an area is actually created that grows crops. Also, the middle class has facilities for departure and arrival for drone, and it is planned to be able to carry goods and ship crops etc.

This building will be built in the center of the field etc. made in the surroundings and it will be playing a role as a local agricultural center.

Buildings are made in a spiral shape, so that transportation such as carrying bicycles on agricultural produce produced in the upper layer is becoming easier.

In this building, education for agriculture is carried out, as a place to educate and practice a cycle in which people who gained knowledge get out of hunger by producing crops and selling surplus crops to get out of poverty It will also be utilized. And when adequate education is done in the area, the building will be demolished and transported to another area and will be used to teach people in new places agriculture.

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