A video that uses 'RTX 4090' to play Genshin at 13K resolution appears

Using the latest graphic board ``

GeForce RTX 4090 '' announced by NVIDIA, a fierce man who plays `` Genshin '' with an amazing resolution of 13K ( 13760 x 5760 pixels) has appeared.

Genshin Impact runs at 13K with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 | PCGamesN

Played Genshin Impact in 13K resolution by YouTube channel Golden Reviewer . The following video is a video of actually playing Genshin Impact at 13K. However, the maximum video resolution is 8K due to YouTube specifications.

RTX 4090 runs Genshin Impact at 13K resolution...and it lags? 180 Megapixels per frame insanity!-YouTube

Open the Genshin setting screen ......

When I open the graphics settings, I can see that the resolution is set to 13K (13760 x 5760 pixels).

All graphics settings other than resolution are enabled or set to maximum.

The frame rate was 60 fps, but according to Golden Reviewer, the average during play is less than 30 fps. Golden Reviewer has released

a video of Genshin Impact in 7K resolution in the past, and when playing in 7K, the frame rate was always in the triple digits even with various graphics settings maxed out.

Since it is 13K, even if the screen is zoomed to 500%, this definition.

The game screen looks something like this.

If you take a screenshot of the game screen when playing at 13K resolution, you can shoot a super huge screenshot of 80 megapixels and 86MB.

Check this out...

No matter how much the image is enlarged, the dot roughness does not appear at all.

High definition no matter where you zoom in.

So, all that's left is to enjoy Genshin Impact's play screen at 13K.

Neilow x Smale

walnut x rizuki

Raiden General x Lightning

In addition, Golden Reviewer uses RTX 4090 to play Overwatch 2 at 13K resolution and 200fps. However, in this case, it seems that the play at 6880 x 2880 pixel resolution is realized by setting the rendering scale to 200%.

RTX 4090 running Overwatch in 13K resolution at 200FPS-YouTube

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