I drank 'Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate' at McDonald's where the scent and bitterness of cacao complement the sweetness of Belgian chocolate

`` Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate '' will be available from November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) at McDonald's McCafé by Barista store. I was interested in a rich chocolate drink using Belgian chocolate, topped with chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate with whipped cream, and topped with macaron chocolate, so I actually drank it.

McCafé x GODIVA Collaboration Frappe Renewal Appears 'Godiva Chocolate Frappe' 'Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate' Limited Time Sale from November 2nd (Wednesday) | McDonald's Official


Arrived at McDonald's.

At the shop front, the appearance of a collaboration menu with GODIVA is appealing.

I immediately ordered 'Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate'. Only M size can be selected.

When I removed the lid, I saw that the whipped cream was topped with chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate. Under the whipped cream is a chocolate drink that combines dark chocolate syrup and shaved chocolate using Belgian chocolate.

When you drink it with a straw, you can feel that the scent and bitterness of cacao complement the sweetness of the chocolate drink.

Also, the crisp texture of the shaved chocolate, which uses Belgian couverture chocolate, was a good accent for the whipped cream.

The macarons are crispy on the outside and moist with chocolate-flavored cream inside. I was thinking about macaroons as a bonus, but since this alone is a menu as ``

Macaron Chocolate '' alone, there is a response to eating, so `` Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate '' is a chocolate drink. It was a highly satisfying dish that you can enjoy sweets at once.

'Godiva Chocolate Frappe & Macaron Chocolate' that can be purchased at McCafé by Barista stores is priced at 670 yen including tax, and the size is M size only. You can also order 'Godiva Chocolate Frappe' without macaron chocolate for 550 yen including tax.

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