I tried three new burgers such as McDonald's `` Koku Umami Karubi Mac '' and `` Kebab-style chicken burger '' that imaged successive World Cups

McDonald's, a hamburger chain, will offer three types of burgers inspired by successive FIFA World Cup tournaments, `` Koku Umami Karubi Mac '', `` Wild Beef Burger Onion Rings & Cheese '', and `` Kebab-style Chicken Burger '' on October 26, 2022. New from (Wednesday). I actually tried to eat and see what kind of taste the burgers that imaged the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup, the 2014 Brazil World Cup, and the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Three types of burgers inspired by past FIFA World Cup™ tournaments will be available for a limited time from 10/26 (Wednesday)! | McDonald's Official

Arrived at McDonald's.

At the storefront, there was a signboard that appealed to the three new burgers.

I bought 'Koku Umami Karubi Mac', 'Wild Beef Burger Onion Ring & Cheese' and 'Kebab Style Chicken Burger' for takeout.

First of all, I will eat from 'Koku Umami Karubi Mac'. The image is the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup, and it is sanded with sesame buns that look like soccer balls.

The diameter of the buns is about 9 cm.

Inside, ribs, beef patties, lettuce, and sweet lemon sauce are sandwiched in a spicy enoki sauce.

As soon as I ate it, the sweet and salty and umami flavor of the Asian taste sauce was matched with the meat-like ribs and beef patty. It's finished with taste. The texture of fluffy sesame buns is also good.

Then 'Wild Beef Burger Onion Ring & Cheese'. The image is the 2014 Brazil World Cup, and this also uses buns that look like soccer balls.

Ingredients are pickles, onion rings, cheddar cheese, beef patty, and bacon. The spicy sauce is made with five kinds of spices such as garlic and chili peppers.

When I tried to eat a bite, a piercing bitterness spread in my mouth, probably because I hit a place with a lot of spicy sauce. The salty and fragrant cheddar cheese has a good balance with the sauce, and the bacon and beef patties are sandwiched between them, giving the impression that the meaty burger has a junkie feeling.

Finally 'kebab style chicken burger'. This is a burger inspired by the Qatar World Cup starting in November 2022.

In addition to vegetables such as plenty of tomatoes, lettuce, and sliced onions, it is sandwiched with voluminous chicken using breast meat and white cheddar cheese. The sauce is a combination of kebab-style spicy sauce and mellow sweet lemon sauce.

When you eat it, the kebab-style spicy sauce has a firm spiciness and spiciness, and it goes well with vegetables with a crispy texture. Because the balance of spicy sauce and sweet lemon sauce is just right, it is finished in an appetizing flavor with ``umami spicy'' while eating spicy food. Although the presence of cheese was thin, the thick chicken was also voluminous, and it was finished in a burger that could be eaten without getting tired until the end. The editorial staff who tasted it also gave the opinion that it was 'seasoned like tacos'.

The three new burgers can be purchased from October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) at McDonald's nationwide, excluding some stores. Ring & Cheese' is 490 yen including tax, and 'Kebab style chicken burger' is 440 yen including tax.

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