2 foods ``Ever chicken nugget'' tasting review that realized a healthy but junkie flavor with plant-derived raw materials

2foods , which is a plant-based food brand and also has physical stores in Tokyo, has released “ Ever Chicken Nuggets ”, which are nuggets made from plant-derived ingredients. While using plant-derived raw materials, I realized a nugget with a junky and healthy, addictive taste, so I actually tried eating it to see what it tasted like.

Ever Chicken Nuggets – 2foods

The package of 'Ever Chicken Nugget' is impressive with a green logo reminiscent of plants on a black background. The size of the bag is about 27 cm in length and 17 cm in width. The content of one bag is 500g.

Looking at the raw material names, granular soy protein, corn flakes (corn grits, starch syrup, sugar, etc.), rice flour, corn flour, chickpea powder, edible sunflower oil, oat fiber, yeast extract, beet sugar, salt, apple cider vinegar, spices. , celery, edible rapeseed oil, edible corn oil, (methyl cellulose, xanthan gum) are lined up, and of course there are no animal ingredients. It is said that it is gluten-free because it uses corn flakes instead of wheat flour for clothing.

The calorie is 253kcal per 100g. It contains 15.5g of protein, which is equivalent to a typical chicken nugget, and 4.2g of dietary fiber, which is equivalent to about 2 heads of lettuce.

When I put it on a plate at once, it looks like this. The weight per piece was about 22 g, and it was about 110 g for 5 pieces. If you convert 1 bag 500g, it will be calculated that about 22 to 23 pieces are included.

Multiple thawing methods are introduced in the package, but this time I will warm it up using a microwave oven and an oven toaster. First, place the frozen ever chicken nuggets on a plate and warm in the microwave without wrapping. If the heating time is 500W, 5 pieces for 50 seconds.

Next, place it on a saucer lined with aluminum foil and heat it with an oven toaster. If it is 5 pieces, it is 4 minutes at 600W.

Once it's warmed up, it's done. Ever chicken nuggets use crushed cornflakes for clothes, so the appearance is like a cutlet.

Since 2foods is

developing a campaign titled 'To everyone who loves chicken mac nuggets', I purchased chicken mac nuggets (right) for comparison this time.

Ever chicken nuggets (left) with cutlet-like clothing and chicken mac nuggets (right) covered with thin hard clothing look different, including colors.

When I actually ate it, the clothes had a crispy crispy texture and junkiness, and the soy meat inside had a fibrous feel and elasticity like chicken breast meat, and a gentle spice flavor. Nonetheless, since there is a peculiar scent of corn and soy meat used for clothing, you may feel a little uncomfortable when eating chicken mac nuggets. However, an editorial staff member who frequently eats plant-based meat substitutes said, ``It's delicious because it's meat-like,'' ``The clothes win,'' and ``The quality is different from the alternative meats sold at supermarkets around here.'' Opinions have been received, and it seems certain that the plant-derived material nuggets are finished at a fairly high level.

Ever chicken nuggets are said to be served with a sauce at a real store, so I tried dipping them in the barbecue sauce that came with the chicken mac nuggets. Then, I got the impression that the scent of corn and soy meat was diluted and the junkie taste was strengthened, making it easier to eat.

'Ever chicken nuggets' are sold at 2doos real stores in Tokyo, as well as official sites and various mail order sites. At the time of writing the article, it was also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price of one bag was 2280 yen.

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