I tried to verify the battery duration & charging speed of Google's genuine smartphone 'Pixel 7' & 'Pixel 7 Pro' Review

Google's genuine smartphones ' Pixel 7 ' and ' Pixel 7 Pro ' released on October 13, 2022 are

not much different from the previous generation Pixel 6 series in appearance , but there are major updates to camera functions and support for face authentication. The contents have changed greatly. In addition, on Google's official website, the `` battery life of 24 hours or more '' and the length of the battery duration were also appealing, so I actually verified the battery duration & charging time of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. rice field.

Google Pixel 7-Google Store

Google Pixel 7 Pro-Google Store

The Pixel 7 has a 4355mAh battery and the Pixel 7 Pro has a 5000mAh battery. First, set the brightness of the screen to the maximum and the volume to the minimum in the fully charged state, keep playing YouTube movies , take pictures every minute with the camera and measure the time until the power turns off .

Pixel 7 Pro turned off 10 hours and 39 minutes after the movie started playing. The Pixel 7 Pro has a larger battery than the Pixel 7, but it seems to have consumed a lot of power due to the larger screen size.

And after 13 hours and 2 minutes, the power of Pixel 7 also turned off. The battery lasted about two and a half hours longer than Pixel 7 Pro, so it is recommended that people who value battery life choose Pixel 7.

Next, I measured the charging time of Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Both smartphones were advertised as 'charging up to 50% in 30 minutes using a 30W charger', so Pixel 7 can be powered by 65W '

Anker 735 Charger ', Pixel 7 Pro can be powered by 100W ' Connect with Anker 737 Charger . The charging cable uses the cable that came with both smartphones. In addition, Pixel 7 was charged from 3% battery level and Pixel 7 Pro was charged from 0% battery level.

Below is a graph of the remaining battery level recorded every 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, Pixel 7 could be charged to 50% and Pixel 7 Pro to 48%. After that, Pixel 7 was fully charged to 100% after 105 minutes, and Pixel 7 Pro was able to be charged to 100% after 120 minutes. Both smartphones can be charged fairly quickly if you prepare a charger that can supply 30W power.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro come with a charging cable, but do not come with a charger. In order to bring out the charging performance of both smartphones, it is recommended to prepare a charger that supports power supply at 30W. Both ``Anker 737'' and ``Anker 735'' used this time are available on Amazon.co.jp, and at the time of article creation, ``Anker 737'' is priced at 12,990 yen and ``Anker 735'' is sold at 7,990 yen. increase.

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