Sweet and spicy Mitarashi sauce goes well with dusty ice cream ``Kikunoi Musashi Sanbo supervised by Yukimi Daifuku Takumi's Mitarashi'' Tasting review

Lotte's 'Yukimi Daifuku', which celebrated its 41st anniversary since its release, and the cafe 'Muge Sanbo ', run by

Yoshihiro Murata of the long-established restaurant 'Kikunoi' in Kyoto, collaborated for the first time. Supervised by Yukimi Daifuku Takumi's Mitarashi ' will be pre-sold at convenience stores nationwide from Tuesday, October 11, 2022. I was interested in a dish wrapped in vanilla ice cream and soft rice cakes, so I actually tried it.

Kikunoi Mugaku Sanbo Supervision Yukimi Daifuku Takumi's Mitarashi | Ice Cream | Mouth Lover Lotte

This is 'Mitarashi by Yukimi Daifuku Takumi supervised by Kikunoi Mugakusanbo'.

In the raw material Mitarashi sauce column, 'black honey' and 'ginger extract powder' are written. The calorie is 90 kcal per piece.

When I turned the lid, there were two Yukimi Daifuku.

It looks like this when you put it on a plate.

When you cut it in half, you can see the mitarashi sauce in the vanilla ice cream. When you eat it, the taste of sweet and spicy mitarashi sauce spreads in your mouth along with the soft and soft texture of mochi and the sweetness of cold vanilla ice cream. The Mitarashi sauce, which uses black honey, has an elegant sweetness and depth, and the reproduction of Mitarashi dumplings is high, so it was finished as a sweet with a new sensation of `` cool Mitarashi dumplings ''.

``Kikunoi Mukyo Sanbo Supervised Yukimi Daifuku Takumi Mitarashi'' has been pre-sold at convenience stores nationwide from Tuesday, October 11, 2022, and the price was 205 yen including tax.

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