A person who abused gun parts made with a 3D printer and a gun buyback program to earn more than 3 million yen appears

The New York Attorney General has made some changes to the gun buyback program. It is reported that this is because a person who created a large amount of gun parts using a 3D printer and earned $ 21,000 (about 3.1 million yen) appeared.

New York changes gun buyback after seller gets $21,000 for 3D-printed parts | New York |


The Guardian has successfully contacted the person who abused the gun buyback program and anonymously asked 'how did you abuse the gun buyback program'. This person is said to have participated in a gun buyback event held in Utica, New York on August 27, 2022 from West Virginia.

This person who participated in the event submitted 60 parts for automatic sears (reverse hooks) output by a 3D printer to the gun buyback program. The event was hosted by New York State Attorney General Letitia James and the city's police department, and the buyback rule states, 'A gun without a serial number is considered a 'ghost gun' and is entitled to $350 per part.' Because it was done, it seems that he was able to submit 60 parts and receive a $ 21,000 gift card.

The person who abused the gun buyback program said that he participated in the event, saying, 'Although there was an element of making money, the main reason was to send a message.' It's like they've never been educated about the law,' he said.

Attorney General James had given office representatives 'discretion to determine the value of repurchased firearms.' The person in charge had only a light standard that the gun created with the 3D printer ``must be able to fire more than one bullet'', so the buyback program was abused The Guardian points out. .

In addition, Attorney General James partially changed the rules in response to the abuse of the program, and then held a buyback event again on September 17, 2022 in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York. 'It is truly a shame that someone has taken advantage of the buyback program we have in place in our community to protect people from gun violence,' the attorney general's office said. We have partnered with law enforcement and have recovered more than 3,500 guns, and no single individual's greed will stop the fight for public safety for all New Yorkers,' he said. decided to continue.

The gun buyback program is one of the regular events that government officials hold to reduce firearms ownership among the general public. It is common to say 'give'. While some firearms submitted through the buyback program are legal, there are also firearm submissions by people who are not authorized to own firearms, and firearms that have been illegally modified.

In the United States, President Joe Biden changed the definition of firearms under federal law in April 2022 to include unfinished parts, including those made with 3D printers.

The New York State Attorney General's office has had a gun buyback program since 2013, with Attorney General James warning that ghost guns are 'facilitating an epidemic of gun violence,' and that the buyback program is one of the solutions. I claim to be part of it.

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