I tried all 5 types of Kentucky Fried Chicken's 'Chicken Fillet Burger' reborn from Sand

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)'s 'Chicken Fillet Sand' celebrated its 40th anniversary since its appearance in 1983, and was reborn by renaming it from 'Sand' to 'Burger'. Since it means that a new taste has been added according to this, I tried all five types of 'KFC BURGERS'.

KFC's sand is reborn. Birth of 'KFC BURGERS'! “Spicy, Cheese, Double” has been added to the standard products, expanding to 5 types! Released from October 12 (Wednesday)-Kento Kaku's new commercial 'KFC will do its best for burgers!'


I came to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Five types of 'KFC BURGERS' are on the store menu.

I ordered the most basic menu, 'Chicken Fillet Burger' as a set.

It is a product that sandwiches chicken fillet sold as '

boneless Kentucky ' alone with buns.

The cross section looks like this. Mayo sauce on a large amount of lettuce. The taste of the spicy chicken fillet, which is similar to the original chicken, is mellowed by the mayo sauce, and the crunchy lettuce and fluffy texture of the buns are added to it, giving the impression that it is a well-balanced and high-level product in total. It's a dish that fills your stomach while being light.

There are 5 types of burgers in total, and if you eat in, it seems that your stay will be longer, so I brought it home.

All wrappers are unique and each has a different image color.

I took it out of the package. Chicken fillet burger in the back left, Japanese-style chicken cutlet burger in the back right, double chicken fillet burger, cheese chicken fillet burger, dry chicken fillet burger from the left in the front.

The Japanese-style chicken cutlet burger has been a standard menu item since the sandwich era. Chicken cutlet is sandwiched instead of chicken fillet.

Plenty of chopped cabbage.

The taste is completely different from the spices of chicken fillet, and the sweet sauce that soaks into the chicken cutlet batter and buns is irresistible.

A new burger from here. 'Double chicken fillet burger' is, as the name suggests, two chicken fillets.

Great volume.

With the increase in chicken fillet, the taste of chicken spreads in the mouth with the feeling of 'Mosamha'. The mayo sauce, which was such a strong balancer at the time of one chicken fillet, fell to a supporting role even though the amount was increasing, and the feeling that 'I am eating chicken' is intense anyway. This is the best when you want to be full with chicken other than the original chicken today.

'Cheese chicken fillet burger' has cheese on top of the chicken fillet.

The cheese is only selected for compatibility and plays a role in expanding the world without compromising the spicy taste of the chicken fillet. Even people who have already eaten chicken fillet burger should feel that 'Is there such a spread?' by joining another development.

'Dry chicken fillet burger' looks just like chicken fillet burger.

However, the mayo sauce has changed to dry mayo sauce.

The spiciness is very authentic, as KFC has served many spicy menus such as red hot chicken. Just biting lettuce with a slightly dry mayo sauce spreads its spiciness. 'It's spicy, I need to eat the next bite as soon as possible.'

'KFC BURGERS' is 390 yen including tax for 'Chicken Fillet Burger' and 'Japanese Style Chicken Cutlet Burger', 420 yen including tax for 'Cheese Chicken Fillet Burger' and 'Dry Chicken Fillet Burger', and 590 yen including tax for 'Double Chicken Fillet Burger'. There is a 'set' with potato S and drink M, and a 'BOX' with potato S, drink M, original chicken and biscuits.

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