I tried shooting a fantastic movie that perfectly captures the trajectory of light with 'GoPro HERO11 Black' with one button

The action camera '

GoPro HERO11 Black ' equipped with an ultra-strong blur correction function seems to be complicated, such as 'shooting the trajectory of the headlights of a car running on the road' and 'light painting that draws letters and figures in the air with lights'. Equipped with a function ' Night Effect ' that allows you to shoot quickly. So, I actually used the night effect of GoPro HERO11 Black to create nice-looking movies and still images. In addition, I also checked the video quality when using GoPro HERO11 Black at night.

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◆ Contents
◆ 1: How to use the night effect
◆2: I tried light painting
◆ 3: Shoot light trails of cars and monorails with light trails
◆ 4: Verification of shooting performance in the dark of GoPro HERO11 Black

◆ 1: How to use the night effect
Various night effects are provided as one of the presets for time-lapse photography. To switch presets, the control mode of GoPro HERO11 Black must be switched to 'Pro'.

After switching the control mode to 'Pro' and tapping the button at the bottom of the rear display ......

A list of presets is displayed and you can select night effects such as 'Star Trail', 'Light Painting', and 'Light Trail'. If you select a preset, GoPro HERO11 Black will automatically create a fantastic movie just by shooting the image like normal shooting.

◆2: I tried light painting
The movie shot with the night effect 'Light Painting' is below. This time, I used only a white light source, but if I use a colorful light source, I think I can easily shoot gorgeous images.

I tried shooting light painting with GoPro HERO11 Black - YouTube

Below is an image that cuts out a part of the video. In the movie, it is possible to express the process of drawing light traces, and in the still image, it is possible to convey the completed drawing in one shot. By saving the data as a video, you can choose the expression method that suits the situation later, such as when posting to SNS.

◆ 3: Shoot light trails of cars and monorails with light trails
Next, let's take a picture of the light trail of the car using 'light trail'. This time, I moved to a point where I could look down on the roadway and monorail runway, and fixed the GoPro HERO11 Black so that it would not shake using the hand grip 'Volta' as shown below.

The picture actually taken is below. I was able to easily shoot images showing light trails from cars and monorails without having to make complicated settings.

Shooting monorail and car light trails with GoPro HERO11 Black Part 1-YouTube

Below is a movie that I shot by changing the shooting location and composition. The GoPro HERO11 Black automatically handles the settings and post-shooting processing, so I was able to concentrate on deciding the shooting position and composition.

Shooting monorail and car light trails with GoPro HERO11 Black Part 2 - YouTube

The following is a clip of the moment when the light trail of the monorail was reflected from each image. It is also recommended to use it like this, leaving it for a long time and cutting out the best shot.

◆ 4: Verification of shooting performance in the dark of GoPro HERO11 Black
I took a picture while walking around the commercial facility after dark and verified the dark place resistance of GoPro HERO11 Black. There is no noticeable noise, and the transition from a dark place to a bright place can be recorded naturally.

I tried shooting a 4K 60fps movie strolling through a commercial facility at night with GoPro HERO11 Black-YouTube

Furthermore, when I installed GoPro HERO11 Black in the car and shot a 4K 60fps movie driving on the road at night, it effectively suppressed blurring even at night. With GoPro HERO11 Black, you can shoot images without problems even at night.

Shooting a night drive at 4K 60fps using GoPro HERO11 Black [Working movie]-YouTube

In addition, GoPro HERO11 Black is available at Amazon.co.jp at the time of article creation for 79,800 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: [2 Year Free Warranty] GoPro HERO11 Black Gopro Gopro Action Camera 27MP HyperSmooth 5.0 1 Billion Colors: Electronics & Cameras

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