Russian man who wants to avoid draft is becoming a duck in cybercrime business

In September 2022, Russia announced a partial mobilization of reserve civilians as it invaded Ukraine, but the war has dragged on due to heavy resistance. Claims that Russians will issue fake imprisonment exemption documents to avoid going to the harsh battlefield, where casualties on the Russian side are said to have reached 70,000 to 80,000 by August 2022. It is reported that they are victims of cybercrime services and are playing cat-and-mouse games with authorities using technology to avoid conscription.

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Russians dodging mobilization behind flourishing scam market

Since the start of the Ukrainian War, knowledgeable people such as IT engineers have fled the country in a hurry, but with the start of mobilization, the escape to neighboring countries is also in full swing. The situation is described as 'Russia is probably the first country whose people fled because it invaded another country, not because it was invaded by another country.'

Under these circumstances, many Russian men are using illegal routes to forge exemptions from enlistment or fleeing to neighboring areas using tools to disguise their identities. Regarding this, Bleeping Computer, an IT news site, said, ``It has created a very favorable environment for sellers of fraudulent services, and it is a great time for fraudsters who want to exploit panicked people.'' Did.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that the scam group 'produced a certificate of ineligibility for military service and, within 48 hours, updated the database of local enlistment offices so that recruiters could not find their customers. I will do it,' he said, requesting a copy of the passport and 27,000 rubles (about 67,000 yen). However, in reality, as soon as you pay the money, contact is cut off, and personal information is often sold off on the dark web or used for another scam.

KELA, a cyberintelligence firm, also reported finding a number of posts on cybercrime forums claiming to offer fake document writing services on the dark web. Screenshots of posts shared by KELA advertise 'HIV and hepatitis certificate', 'job search with deferred conscription' and 'exit assistance from Russia'.

In Russia, not only illegal cybercrime services, but also the demand for SIM cards called 'gray SIM cards' that do not require identity verification or contracts with telecommunications companies are rapidly increasing. This is because the country's conscription officers may track young people who are likely to be conscripted with SIM cards and wait at the border.

As SIM cards that do not have feet are on the market, Russian border guards are switching to tracking using IMEI , which is a device-specific identifier instead of SIM cards, but a dedicated tool to illegally rewrite IMEI has also appeared. For example, the wisdom comparison between young people who are trying to escape from Russia using IT technology and conscription officers is showing a cat-and-mouse game.

For this reason, Russian digital rights protection organization Roskomsvoboda recommended that fugitives from Russia present a disposable spare terminal at the border and purchase a new terminal as soon as they can leave the country.

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