I tried to eat sweet and heavy Okada kinbata shop ``An butter roll'' with a lot of grains and plenty of butter

At the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station, there is

Tokyo Gift Palette , which is lined with cafés, bento shops, sweets shops for souvenirs, and more. Here, No. 1 in sales for 2 years in a row and No. 1 in cumulative sales is ' An butter financier ' by Okada Kinsei An butter shop. Okada Kinsei Anbataya sells 'An butter roll' limited to 40 bottles a day from 14:00, so I tried 'An butter financier' and 'An butter roll'.

Okada Kinsei Anbataya Tokyo Gift Palette Store

In the Tokyo Gift Palette that spreads out in front of the ticket gates at the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station, 'Okada Kinsei Anbataya' is located near the I stairs that go down to the first basement floor.

powerful billboard.

There are three types of products: “An butter financier”, “An butter bread” and “An butter roll”. Financier is not particularly limited, but Anbata bread is limited to 400 pieces a day and sold out at 14:00. An butter roll is sold from 14:00 and is limited to 40 per day.

I bought 'An butterfinancier (12 pieces)' and 'An butter roll' and came back.

The outer box of an butter roll looks like this.

When you open the box, the message is ``This is a monumental achievement that can be made with bean paste and butter.''

Raw materials etc. are like this. The expiration date is one week after purchase.

An butter roll is shaped like a rectangular parallelepiped, and the size is about 5 cm × 7 cm × 12 cm.

It was said that it was better to cut it thickly, so I cut it thickly.

Anko is tightly packed, and butter cream is plentiful on the outside. The excellent compatibility of anko and butter is evident from the fact that the single item 'An Butter' has been commercialized in various places. It's completely unrestricted, and plenty of it is in the roll, and you'll be very satisfied no matter where you cut it. It might have been better to bite it instead of cutting it.

The Financier looks like this.

The inside is individually wrapped.

The raw material looks like this. The expiration date is 45 days at room temperature, so it's perfect as a souvenir.

About 153 kcal in one.

The size is about 6 cm on each side.

The center of the financier is filled with red bean paste, and the sweetness of the red bean paste comes when the financier dough melts in your mouth. Even if it looks small, you can eat it with just one piece.

'An butter financier' is 1620 yen including tax for 6 pieces and 3240 yen including tax for 12 pieces. 'An butter roll' is 1944 yen including tax. Also, although it was sold out, 'Anbata bread' is 303 yen including tax for 1 piece and 1815 yen including tax for 6 pieces.

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