Earon Mask announces the prototype of the humanoid robot 'Optimus', aiming to sell for less than about 2.9 million yen

At `` Tesla AI Day 2022 '', an annual event related to AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics held by Tesla, the company's CEO Elon Musk announced a prototype of the humanoid robot `` Optimus ''. Optimus succeeded in moving around without a

tether on the stage where the announcement was made, revealing that it aims to sell for less than $ 20,000 (about 2.9 million yen).

Elon Musk reveals Optimus robot during AI Day 2022 - The Verge

At Tesla AI Day 2022 held on September 30, 2022 local time, Elon Musk announced the humanoid robot `` Optimus '' and showed off its prototype. Optimus seems to utilize AI software and sensors used in Tesla's autopilot system.

Mask CEO commented on Optimus at the event, 'Tonight is the first time I've walked without a tether.' In addition, he talks about the price range, 'probably under $20,000.' Mask CEO points out that 'Optimus is a robot made for mass production of millions of units' about the difference between other humanoid robots and Optimus.

In addition, Optimus is appealing that it is a very good robot while being a mass-producible robot. However, overseas media The Verge said, ``When Mask CEO appealed that ``Optimus is excellent'', Optimus on stage fell into a state where he could not walk, so he was finally moved to the backstage by the staff. was there,” he pointed out.

In fact, the prototype Optimus that appeared at the event stopped as follows when leaving the stage, and Mask CEO smiled bitterly.

It seems that Optimus's 'prototype very close to the production version' appeared on the stage, but it was never fully functional. It seems that the prototype Optimus is equipped with all parts such as actuators and battery packs, but Mask CEO said, 'I was not ready to walk yet.'

Still, the actual 'waving' action ... ...

The wide range of motion of the wrist and arm was appealing by raising both hands.

Also, although it was not shown in the prototype Optimus on the stage, in the movie shot using another Optimus, ``movement to lift the box'' and ...

'Action to water the grass with a watering can'

``The action of repacking parts from box to box at the factory'' etc. is open to the public.

Optimus leverages the AI software and sensors used in Tesla's autopilot system, which enables Optimus' computer vision to accurately distinguish between bodies and objects.

The concept of Optimus is the humanoid robot “

Tesla Bot ” announced by Tesla at Tesla AI Day in 2021. After that, in February 2022, the design that became the prototype of Optimus was completed, and the current prototype was completed in six months from there. Tesla's development team discussed the hurdles it will have to deal with from prototype to working design going forward, commenting that 'we hope to complete development within the next few months or years.' .

The specifications of the prototype Optimus are as follows. The capacity of the installed battery is 2.3 kWh, the same Tesla SoC as Tesla's electric car is adopted at the heart, it also supports Wi-Fi and LTE connection, and 28 actuators are installed in the whole body.

Regarding humanoid robots like Optimus, Musk called them 'the most important product development we're doing in 2022' and 'could become more important than the car business over time.' rice field. In addition, it appeals that the mass production of high-performance humanoid robots will be possible, ``leading to a fundamental transformation of civilization and the potential improvement of economic production.'' However, The Verge points out that ``Mask CEO had no shortage of hype about humanoid robots.'' According to Musk CEO, Optimus is scheduled to start production as early as 2023.

You can check the full story of Tesla AI Day 2022 in the video below.

Tesla AI Day 2022-YouTube

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