I tried 3 kinds of burgers such as Burger King `` Super Chicken Cheese Burger '' and `` Super Fish Cheese Burger '' which complemented the main taste of supporting fish and chicken with rich cheese

Burger King, whose flagship product is the Wapper, which uses 100% beef patties grilled directly over an open flame, has newly launched the Super Chicken Cheese Burger , Super Fish Cheese Burger , and Super Umakara Fish , which mainly use chicken and fish. Burger ” will be available for a limited time from September 16, 2022 (Friday). I was wondering what kind of taste the burger using fish and chicken was finished, so I ate all three and checked the taste.

Not just beef! New proposal for fish and chicken Special spicy sauce and 4 kinds of cheese make the supporting role burger reborn! Three types of new burger 'Unsung Heroes', new release for a limited time!


Arrived at Burger King.

Inside the store, there was a POP that appealed to the three items you were looking for.

This time, I ordered two each of Super Chicken Cheese Burger, Super Fish Cheese Burger, and Super Spicy Fish Burger and brought them home. The serving time when ordering a total of 6 burgers was about 8 minutes.

◆Super chicken cheeseburger
First of all, I will eat a super chicken cheeseburger.

The back of the bun was lightly toasted and covered with white cheese sauce. Yellow cheese is on the chicken with clothes.

When you cut it with a kitchen knife and look at the cross section, it looks like this.

When you eat it, the flavor of thick cheese first spreads in your mouth. The yellow cheese and white cheese sauce gave a rich cheese flavor that greatly exceeded the taste of chicken, and the cheese was completely finished in the main burger. Because it took 30 minutes from the time it was served to the time I brought it home and ate it, the clothes were soft and there was no crunchy feeling.

◆ Super fish cheese burger
Next, I will eat a super fish cheeseburger.

It is like this when turning over the buns. The Super Fish Cheeseburger has the same composition as the Super Chicken Cheeseburger, except it contains fish.

If you cut it in half and observe the cross section, you can see that the white fish is wrapped in batter.

The flavor of cheese spreads at the moment of eating, which is the same as the super chicken cheeseburger, but in the super fish cheeseburger, the taste and aroma of the fish remain without losing to the cheese, and it is said that ``I am eating a fish burger.'' I can feel it. Since the ingredients other than cheese and sauce are only fried white fish and lettuce, it was finished in a burger that can enjoy the compatibility of cheese and white fish.

◆Super Spicy Fish Burger
Finally, I will eat super spicy fish burger. It looks exactly the same as a super fish cheeseburger ... ...

When I turned over the buns, a red sauce appeared.

The red sauce feels sweet when you put it in your mouth, but the spiciness quickly spreads in your mouth. The sauce had a high viscosity, and the sweet and spicy taste clung to the tongue, and the spiciness remained in the mouth for a long time after swallowing. The super spicy fish burger has a modest cheese flavor, so it is also a point that you can feel the taste of white fish stronger than the super fish cheese burger.

The prices of the three burgers are 410 yen including tax for super chicken cheeseburger, 410 yen including tax for super fish cheeseburger, and 360 yen including tax for super spicy fish burger. All three types are available at Burger King nationwide except for the Tokyo Racecourse store for a limited time from September 16, 2022 (Friday) to October 6, 2022 (Thursday).

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