I tried three new McDonald's Tsukimi family products such as ``Kokumi Sukiyaki Tsukimi'', which is perfect for sweet and spicy sukiyaki and mellow eggs

McDonald's autumn limited menu `` Tsukimi Burger '' series will be available from September 7, 2022 (Wednesday). New products for the Tsukimi family in 2022 include “ Kokuumami Sukiyaki Tsukimi ” with a sweet and spicy sukiyaki filling, “ Yuzu Shichimi Sauce ” where you can enjoy chicken McNuggets with a Japanese taste, and “Chestnut Flavor” that enhances soft serve ice cream. Chestnut Mont Blanc's Tsukimi McFleury ' has appeared, so I actually ate it to see what it tasted like.

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Arrived at McDonald's.

This time, I ordered 3 new products for takeout.

First of all, from 'Kokuma Sukiyaki Tsukimi' (440 yen including tax).

I opened the package. Buns are not normal sesame buns, but new buns with a fluffy texture.

Comparing the size with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

When you lift the buns, you can see the familiar eggs and cheese in bacon and Tsukimi Burger ......

Sukiyaki filling is peeking out from under the patty.

When I tried to eat it, I got the impression that it was a Japanese-style burger, while feeling the taste of cheese and bacon, combined with the mellowness of the egg and the firm sweetness of sukiyaki.

However, when the tomato creamy sauce appeared, the Western-style burger feeling suddenly improved, and the overall impression changed completely.

'Yuzu Shichimi Sauce' can be selected when purchasing 5 pieces of chicken mac nuggets (200 yen including tax) or 15 pieces (590 yen including tax).

You can see that plenty of shichimi is mixed in the sauce.

As soon as I put the yuzu shichimi sauce on the nuggets and ate it, the spiciness of the shichimi and the flavor of yuzu and spices spread in my mouth. I was.

Finally, 'Chestnut Mont Blanc's Tsukimi Mac Fleury' (330 yen including tax).

A chestnut-flavored sponge cake is placed on top of a soft serve ice cream mixed with marron paste sauce.

With just one bite, the rich chestnut flavor and sweetness spread throughout your mouth, creating a perfect fall-like fruity finish. The fluffy texture of the sponge cake also enhances the sweetness and gives you a more satisfying feeling.

``Kokuma Sukiyaki Tsukimi'', ``Yuzu Shichimi Sauce'' and ``Chestnut Mont Blanc Tsukimi McFleury'' will be available at McDonald's nationwide from September 7, 2022 (Wednesday). Please note that among the new products, only `` Tsukimi McShake with sweet potato flavor of Anno potato '' is available from September 14th (Wednesday).

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