I tried the new samurai mac 'Spicy double thick beef' and 'Smoked Mayo triple bacon thick beef' that adds the stimulation of aged chili sauce to the overwhelming volume of thick thick beef patty.

McDonald's 'Samurai Mac ' using thick beef patties, ' Spicy double thick beef ' sandwiched with bright red spicy cheese with pepper powder, and ' Smoked Mayo triple bacon' with smoked bacon and smoky mayo sauce 'Thick beef ' appeared as a new flavor for a limited time on January 5, 2022 (Wednesday), so I actually tried it.

Two new products, 'Smoked Double Thick Beef' and 'Smoked Mayo Triple Bacon Thick Beef,' will be available for a limited time from 1/5 (Wednesday) in the popular 'Samurai Mac'! | McDonald's Japan


I bought a spicy double thick beef (490 yen including tax) and a smoked mayo triple bacon thick beef (490 yen including tax).

The spicy double thick beef looks like this. Two thick beef patties are sandwiched between samurai mac buns that are notched and topped with poppy seeds.

What sticks out between the thick beef patties is the bright red spicy cheese with chili powder.

When I opened the buns, sliced onions were topped on the spicy cheese. In addition, aged chili sauce, which is a combination of salted jiuqu and tamari soy sauce, is also sandwiched.

The cross section cut with a kitchen knife looks like this. When I tried it, it was initially characterized by a sweet and umami taste like teriyaki and a voluminous meat flavor of thick beef patty, but the spiciness of wrinkles and chili peppers came in. Perhaps because spicy cheese creates spiciness, the spiciness comes a little behind the taste of meat and the sweetness of sliced onions. The level of spiciness is quite strong, and people who are not good at spicy food may not be able to eat it.

Next, I'll try smoked mayo triple bacon thick beef. You can see three pieces of smoked bacon layered on top of the thick beef patty.

When I remove the buns, three pieces of bacon and lettuce are layered on one thick beef patty, and smoked mayo sauce is applied.

Smoked mayo triple bacon The cross section of thick beef cut with a knife looks like this. First, the mellow acidity of smoked mayo sauce and the tingling stimulus of black pepper are felt, and the smoky scent peculiar to smoked meat spreads after the umami of the volumey meat of thick beef patty. The smokyness is not so strong, and the impression is that it is well-balanced with the flavors of other ingredients. Also, the elasticity of bacon and the crispy texture of lettuce were good accents.

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