A simulator that shows at a glance the performance improvement of 'mobile camera' from Garake to the latest iPhone

In recent years, it has become commonplace for smartphones to be equipped with multiple cameras specialized for long-range and short-range photography. can be taken. A simulator that can check the progress of such a mobile phone camera in one shot was published by SimpleGhar, a home appliance criticism company, so I compared the simulation results of various mobile phones.

The Evolution of Camera Phones, Visualized


The simulator released by SimpleGhar, a home appliance criticism company, is below. Slide the displayed photo to see simulation results of photos taken with the J-SH04 , a pioneering camera-equipped mobile phone that appeared in 2000, and smartphones such as the iPhone and Galaxy that appeared in the 2020s. You can check them in chronological order.

In addition, in the following simulators, you can compare the simulation results when shooting with different models side by side.

Below is a comparison image of the J-SH04 (left) that appeared in 2000 and the first iPhone (right) that appeared in 2007. Photos taken with the J-SH04 have dull colors, but photos taken with the iPhone have vivid colors and clear outlines.

Comparing the first iPhone (left) and the “

iPhone 13 Pro Max ” that appeared in 2021, you can see that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can take brighter photos than the iPhone. Also, focusing on wrinkles on clothes and facial hair, you can see that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is able to capture even the smallest details clearly.

SimpleGhar also publishes images summarizing shooting result simulations of successive iPhones and successive Pixels. By clicking the image below, you can check the comparison of shooting results of successive iPhones. Looking at the comparison of shooting results, you can see that the photos that can be taken with the iPhone gradually become brighter and the definition is increasing.

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